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What to eat in Corfu, 18 amazing Corfu food

Traditional Corfu food: what to eat in Corfu - Corfu old fortress

Traditional Corfu Food is a world fusion. Although the Greeks and the Venetians have the strongest affect, Oriental spices, cooking strategies from France, and other Mediterranean regions, and even the remains of the British occupation, have all left their mark on Corfu's food.

The Corfiot food is dominated by wine, garlic and oriental spices corresponding to cloves, peppers, cinnamon and more.

In addition to conventional Corfu food, the island has a wealth of conventional Greek dishes

. , study the tales of Corfu eating out 18 nice Corfu dishes

A Temporary History of Corfu Island and Corfu Food

Corfu is usually a Greek island, but they have their very own turbulent culinary history that has led to many distinctive Corfiot dishes. To know why Corfu's food differs from other elements of Greece, you want to know slightly concerning the history of the island

Corfu harbor and previous fortress [19659009] The island of Corfu has an extended history and is usually talked about in Greek mythology. The identify Corfu might be derived from the phrase koryphi, which suggests "peak", and it might return to the seventh century, when the Byzantine Empire constructed the fort for a summit close to the town of Corfu. But the Greeks on the island are recognized for Kerkyra, which is known as the Nymph, the daughter of the Apsopos River.

There’s archaeological proof of dwelling on the island already 40,000 BC Within the northern part of Sidari Island, more trendy proof has been found displaying the Mesolite and Neolithic period (before 2600 BC)

The situation of Corfu in the Ionian Sea (Northwest Greece). Occupied many occasions through the years. From the Roman and Byzantine kingdoms to the Venetian power in 1386, until they have been handed over to the French in 1797. This lengthy connection to Venice left the custom of island delicacies, which strongly combines Italian cooking and food.

Shortly after the French rule started, the island turned British after the wars of Napoleon in the early 19th century. Ultimately, Corfu was returned to Greece in 1864. Throughout World Struggle II, the islands had occupied Italy and then Germany till their allies have been finally released.

After the Second World Struggle, previous traditions started to disappear as the human story of Corfu changed. Tourism turned the most important business in Corfu. Locals went from agricultural jobs to working in the tourism business. On the similar time, each previous and new eating places adapted their choices to serve the worldwide style. Later, many traditional island recipes disappeared from the menus, and ultimately home-made food.

Local restaurant service and cooking author Vasiliki Karounou from Ambelonas Vineyard, restaurant and cooking class making an attempt to discover and return

Vasiliki revealed a ebook on Corfiot kitchen, describing Corfu 3's biggest influence over time, not as cultures however because the age represented by three special people.

Historic Age, Homer, representing the traditions of wine, olive and olive oil, honey, bread, herbs, figs, pears and pomegranates.

Wine, olive oil and bread are so essential that they turned sacred symbols. represented by a special Greek god – Dimitra for bread, Athina for olive oil and the favourite God, Dionysus wine god

When the gods, Marco Polo's age, opened a row of spices for the individuals of Corfu, the Venetian shop introduced oriental spices similar to black pepper, cinnamon, cloves, cumin, nutmeg and ginger.

The third age that expanded food to tomatoes, potatoes, corn, zucchini, peppers and more

The kitchen is in the guts of the Mediterranean, however clearly in its soul Corfi. It is Mediterranean food that was made in the fashion of Corfu, however continues to be creating to today.

You possibly can go and check out one of many widest seasonal menus that target traditional dishes at the Amalkonas Restaurant, only a 15-minute drive from Corfu City. Right here you may be welcomed with panoramic views and the opportunity to dine in a standard farmhouse or take a cooking class.

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Corfu Food Podcast (Coming Quickly)

In This Section:

  • Well-known Corfiot Meals and Elements. We Talk about Tales of Main Native Meals
  • Venetian-Greek Fusion Kitchen. How Venetian guidelines and spice commerce create a singular Greek island kitchen that isn’t out there elsewhere in the country
  • Loss of Corfiot food. How the tourism growth destroyed the local culinary custom and how one lady has tried to revive the historic cuisine of Corfu.
  • PLUS: Corfu food constructed from wine! Can we actually find traditional Corfiot food that isn’t cooked in it?

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Traditional Components in Traditional Corfu Food

Corfu is a lush green backyard in contrast to other, drier, islands in Greece. And this has definitely led to an excellent rising nation.

Components for the bottom season embrace every part from zucchini to shellfish. Patterns of sea grass (Lavraki). All the recent elements you anticipate in Mediterranean delicacies

But there are a couple of special elements to point out.


  The traditional Corfu food: what to eat in Corfu: Corfu wine

Corfu wine

The wine used in the kitchen the entire of Europe and the world, but I do not assume I've ever been to a spot the place the wine characteristics are so essential in all traditional primary programs. Conventional Corfu food focuses on wine use. There are a number of grapes on the island which are endemic – we speak extra about Corfu wine, what we’d like to do in the article on Corfu.

Japanese Spices

In the 17th century Corfu had turn out to be one of the essential ports of the Venice-Mediterranean commerce route. Different essential ports akin to Rhodes, Paphos, Koron and Methon in Peloponnese – Corfu was the most effective fortresses in the town, so robust that the Ottoman Empire tried, but failed a number of occasions to take Corfu. Other Balkan Cities

This is how oriental spices passed by way of Corfu, a protected harbor that might permit ships to stop repairs and retailer them again. This led to the export of oriental spices to the locals and have become an essential part of food due to their relative abundance in contrast to different elements of northern Greece.

Cinnamon, spice, nutmeg, carnation, black pepper, others have introduced Corfiot delicacies for tons of of years, and are still a part of the culinary tradition these days in each salty and candy food.

Nouboulo (or Noumboulo) – Pork Cold Bread

widespread meat product in many European nations. It in all probability turned the island's custom because of the Venetian regime. Nouboulo, also referred to as Corfiot prosciutto, is produced by the normal technique: Pork is suppressed by coarse salt. Black pepper and oregano are additionally added. The meat is stuffed in the pig's gut and smoked with hearth, with Pennyroyal, sage, oregano branches, myrtle, bearing, and shingles. Then it is growing older in a dry surroundings

Corfiot Candy Mustard

A spice affected by each British and Venetian guidelines. Mustard is each candy and spicy, manufactured from fruit sweetness and mustard seeds and pepper. Some recipes embrace carnation and nutmeg and sweet wine. Mustard can monitor meat or use salad dressing

Kumquats & Kumquat Spirits

  Traditional Corfu food: what to eat in Corfu - Kumquat Spirits

What to eat in Corfu: Kumquat Spirits & Limoncello @ Lazaris Distillery

Kumquats just isn’t from Corfu, it has turn out to be an integral a part of the island's production because the starting of the 20th century.

  • Kumquat is a citrus fruit originating in China, Japan and other South Asian nations. Probably the most historic reference in the literature dates again to the 12th century.
  • kumquat ”comes from Cantonese gām-gwātista ally, which accurately means" golden orange "or" golden mandarin ".
  • Kumquat's production in Corfu is 100 tonnes per yr
  • Robert Fortune first launched in Europe in 1846
  • In the present day, Corfu's kumquat has a protected designation of origin – a protected designation of origin – and is especially grown in North Corfu.
  • Rubberate is often not fed uncooked as a result of its taste is bitter sour and never very juicy, but it’s used to make superb liqueurs (from the fruit of the fruit), jams and sweets
  • A lot of the harvest is used for wine, however the fruit can also be used for cooking eg fried For cookies, additionally it is used for m ake syrups (splendid for greek yogurt), sauces and glasses of meat, salad dressing and desserts. they even boil and roast fruit. Additionally it is used in cosmetics, hygiene merchandise and perfumes.

I checked out a whole lot of articles claiming to tell concerning the arrival of kumquat in Corfu. Lots of them mention the botanist Sidney Merlin. A lot of the tales tell us that he introduced kumquats to family ownership in North Corfu in 1860, which would have been quite vital, since Merlin would have been only four years previous at the moment. Wikipedia says he was born in 1856. It's one sensible baby!

One supply provides up to 1846, ten years earlier than Merlin's delivery, which was truly the yr when plant hunter Robert Fortune introduced them from China to Europe. Better of all, I can inform you, and what the individuals of the island actually advised you – Merlin's Rubberians arrived in 1924, a number of years after he had successfully introduced Washington's polar oranges to his property on the island.

Conventional Corfu Food: Historical Tableware in Corfu

The dishes under have been historically a part of Corfiot food. Some are harder than others in the present day.

What to eat in Corfu: Pastitsado or Pazztisada

  Traditional Corfu food: Corfu dishes - Pastitsada

Conventional Corfu food: Pastitsado

Pastitsado (typically spelled Pazztisada)

The exact origin of this dish is unclear as a result of pink wine blankets have been made for as long as pink wine was out there in Corfu for hundreds of years. And the cock arrived in Japanese Europe about 3,000 BC. The spice shop came later, as did the Venetian administration and plenty of pasta. So it is attainable that the vessel started to become its current type for a while from the 15th century. When tomato and pepper products have been added quite a bit later when tomatoes and peppers came to Europe from America

It’s the most typical and probably in its unique type a easy pink wine, flavored with any herbs that was recent on the farm that day, served on the pasta aspect (though it might have begun of bread). It’s the actual agricultural food of the poor.

Traditionally, they used the previous wine, which was turning, to improve the acidity of the pastas as an alternative of throwing previous wine. Then they used a slow-cooked onion to stability the candy sweetly than utilizing the sugar that got here into use only after the New World was discovered.

The Venetians turned a flavored model of Corfu's rulers, bringing a spice shop. . Islanders with extra money might reserve a dish with these unique spices and sometimes use beef as an alternative of a shepherd.

The particular spice compound used in Pastitsado known as "Specification", and each recipe for this blend is slightly totally different. Widespread Components are:

  • Cinnamon
  • Paprika
  • Spice Powder
  • Nutmeg
  • Clove
  • Black Pepper
  • Typically also Cumin and perhaps Chilli Pepper.

Actually, the phrase "specifying" is due to the word "speculator", which suggests a pharmacy as a result of these spice mixtures have been made once upon order. As talked about earlier, the trade in spices was an important part of Corfu's life, and these spices usually are not solely used for taste, but have been thought-about essential for well being, and so pharmaceutical preparations also made medical intentions. That's why pharmacists played an essential position at the moment in Corfu's spice store

The Karmelas pharmacy in Corfu was based in 1850 and is considered to produce the most effective specimens of the island. 15 elements for his or her secret recipe.

Though Pastitsado also uses some tomato paste, the peppers grow to be a deep, robust purple shade.

The unique dangerous version of the dish might have simply used any of the local herbs through the season, however immediately you’ll often find solely the flavored version obtainable in restaurants. A purple wine steak with herbs is just not essentially a singular dish in the world kitchen, however the flavored model is something really special that you’ve to attempt in Corfu!

Yow will discover pastitis in virtually each traditional tavern menu. the preferred Corfiot dishes for each native and tourists.

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What to Eat in Corfu: Sofrito

  Traditional Corfu Food: Corfu Dishes - Sofrito

Conventional Corfu Food: Corfu Meals – Sofrito

Sofrito is certainly one of Corfu's hottest dishes, straightforward to find and refers to both for cooking and cooking – "slowly bake". The dish comes from a Venetian effect, but the Corfiot version is unique…

In Italy, the basic Sofrito can slowly shine onions, carrots and celery. In Cuba, you’re more possible to find onions and peppers

However Corfiot Sophrito's most essential elements to prepare dinner slowly are beef and plenty of garlic. I mean, critically, plenty of garlic. 2 garlic toward a small beef.

Corfu has its own choice of garlic, referred to as "Cocoa" – with small lamps with advantageous reddish purple pores and skin. However, the garlic we used to make Sofrito in our Ambelonas cooking class (pictured) was regular, giant garlic. So in case you are using a Corfu selection, you want greater than 2 cloves per individual!

Additionally in Sophrito: White wine, parsley, olive oil and salt and pepper are various different elements

What to eat in Corfu: Fish Bianco

After Pastissada and Sofrito, the dish that was most shaken by Corfu was Fish Bianco. It’s primarily fish that is stewed with white wine in a potato bed. The potatoes are baked first, with loads of garlic and olive oil, then added with white wine and salt and carnations, after which the potatoes are left to brew and soften.

"Lavraki" – placed on potatoes, and the liquid partially covers the fish. The vessel will proceed to prepare dinner at low warmth till the fish softens. Then, lemon juice, cream, chopped parsley and black pepper are added to the flour to thicken the sauce.

After it's thickened, it's time to eat this zesty seafood favourite!

Seafood or meat baked or baked on potatoes is certainly an abnormal selection on the Dalmatian coast and Corfu. But as all the time, everybody has their own technique

On September 14, the island of Corfu acknowledges the spiritual pageant of cross-raising. For this objective, fish meat is used as fish fish Bianco fish

Veal Fricando

Veal Fricando is a veal, greased and stewed or roasted.

It is potential that the phrase "fricanat" comes from the original historic Occitan (now the third a part of southern France and part of Catalonia – Aran valley – Monaco and a few elements of Italy (Occitan Valleys, Guardia Piemontese). are very totally different from medieval occasions

The Fricakh recipe, as we all know now, seems for the primary time in writing in a Catalan recipe from the beginning of the 18th century: and instructions for elementary education ”Father Josep Orri. Elements of Occitania ended up so far as Italy and this might have been brought to Venetian food and brought to Corfiot's kitchen, however there i Little information that confirmed this to be an Italian / Venetian dish. Fricando continues n robust Catalan and French cooking, Switzerland additionally has an analogous dish referred to as Fricandeaux

Zorka (Veg pies)

  Traditional Corfu food: Corfu dishes - Zorka (Veg Pies)

Traditional Corfu food: Zorka ( Veg Pies)

Corfu's easiest farm food is seasonal vegetables – with or with out baking cream. Relying on the season, chances are you’ll discover zucchini, savory pumpkin pies, onion chips, cheese pieces or what's recent on the farm that day.

There are lots of totally different pies in Greece and eating in a daily tavern restaurant in Corfu could also be more probably to serve a cake that reflects other elements of Greece. Like Spanakopita – spinach or Tyropita, a cheesecake that’s often created from phyllo dough.

Although the strains are blurred between these containers nowadays. The do-it-yourself Corfiot cake focuses extra on stuffing than on pastries. Thus, a pastry heavy cake with a skinny cheese chain, comparable to Tyropita, shouldn’t be really a Corfiot type.

We made zucchini on the organic farm of Bioporos, simply south of the island of Corfu. They’re certified 100% organic, and the farm sits on the shore of Lake Korission, where you’ll be able to see Flamingo at the proper time of the yr. We visited cooking and eating native delicacies.

Home materials is imported day by day into the kitchen. Each vegetable is grated and all thrown collectively.

Herbs are essential and in one cake they could put an entire cup of recent and dried herbs. It was a surprise how many herbs have been used, however in fact this was traditionally what was grown by individuals dwelling on the farm who would give more taste.

Traditionally, in the event you had cash, you may need some spices. knitted carnations that convey the entire additional dimension to the pie. In fact, mixing cheese can also be a standard ingredient. And eggs, tie all of it together when baked in the oven.

One necessary point when making a pie with watery vegetables, similar to zucchini, is to stop the cake soggy. Corfu's answer provides a handful of rice or rolled oats that take up liquid.

The Bioporos Farm is a peaceable, family-run business that aims to practice guests to lead a natural way of life.

Harder to find conventional Corfu food:

Fish Bourdeto

This dish is usually created from Skate, however fish or shellfish can be utilized. The vessel comes from the predominant Adriatic ports of Venice. As all the time, everyone has their very own variations.

The dish is a fish soup that the fisherman invented as a way of utilizing fish that they might not sell. The slightly older fish are subsequently refreshing – ie.

Specifically a mixture of both candy and scorching peppers. Also candy and sour fashion can also be launched with lemon juice, vinegar and high-seeded onions. White wine and olive oil are again important!

Pork Dolcegarbo

Pork Dolcegarbo is pork, rosemary-white wine and pork cooked with spices (served with fragrant rice, polenta or potato)

Beef underneath Venezia

This dish uses olive oil, but in addition butter. It’s a Venetian-style fried liver drink that has been treated with Corfu. However it is not often seen in vacationer menus (although you’ll be able to typically find it in Ambelonas). The second most necessary ingredient is, in fact, wine! Purple wine and additionally it is flavored with scorching pink pepper

You could discover the development if it has not already been clarified… Candy and bitter style, oriental spices and wine and olive oil. This is the Corfiot fundamental dish in a nutshell.

One fascinating point about this dish is the Greek word for liver – "Sikoti". It is derived from "Siko" because in historic occasions figs have been fed to animals, akin to goose and pigs, to enhance liver style.

Sikomaida – Corfiot Dessert

Figs… Pigs are found in a few of the extra traditional villages, this can be a sweet fig tree manufactured from figs engraved in Ouzo, walnuts, spices and pepper, which are then wrapped in figs. Attempt Corfu

They could not come from Corfu, however these conventional Greek dishes are available everywhere in the island and elsewhere in Greece. Benefit from Corfu's time to taste typical Greek dishes made by locals who know the dishes intently. There are so many Greek dishes so this is just some of the standard ones we love not to miss


  Traditional Corfu food: What to eat in Corfu - Moussaka

What to eat in Corfu: Moussaka

This world-famous baked dish consists of eggplant layers (eggplant), potatoes, minced meat (typically beef) layered with becamel sauce and flavored with nutmeg. The origin of this dish is controversial. It’s common all through the Balkans. Some say the identify is rooted in Turkish, and the Ottomans occupied a lot of the Balkan region earlier, in order that they claim to invent a dish. There’s also a version in Bulgaria that focuses more on potatoes than on eggplants. However Moussaka is common worldwide in Greek delicacies.

We make an entire podcast episode of Moussaka's history in the longer term.

However we love the Greek model of the dish and find it in traditional taverns over Corfu.

Black mussels Saganaki

  Traditional Corfu food: eating in Corfu - Blue mussels Saganaki

What to eat in Corfu – Mussels Saganaki

The phrase "saganaki" refers to the baking of heavy metallic used in Greek cooking. That's why the shellfish Saganaki is fried clams. The thread is fried in tomato sauce with feta cheese. It is principally a greek method to make mussels

at the Amazing Bellissimo restaurant in Corfu. See Bellissimo Evaluations on TripAdvisor

Rabbit Stifado

  Traditional Corfu Food: What to Eat in Corfu - Kani Stifado

What to eat in Corfu: Rabbit Stifado

Stifado is a roast food that accommodates meat (often rabbit), caramelized onions, Tomatoes, wine and spices – often cinnamon and cloves, perhaps spice.

The word stifado comes from stufad, which is a Venetian Greek dish after the fall of Constantinople and earlier than the Ottoman invasion. Nevertheless, the dish did not include tomatoes on the time, this was introduced in the 16th century after Spanish introduced tomatoes back from America.

Stifado is a Greek brewery made in many areas – Corfu and Crete are the 2 most essential places in this dish. But the place in Greece was it first boiled? It's unclear. But with wine and spices it is somewhat comparable to Pastitsada, but it is often not served with pasta.

The goods-Elizabeth rabbit, opened in 1960, is scrumptious. Uncooked Locations in Corfu: Take a look at Taverna Elizabeth on Facebook

Cheese Saganaki

  Traditional Corfu Food: What to Eat in Corfu - Cheese Saganaki

What to Eat in Corfu: Cheese Saganaki

burns, this time a salty and delicious piece of cheese is shining – this is among the greatest greek starters. No dough or something added. It's just cheese, baking and serving with a lemon slice. This is often a salty dish and may be found in the restaurant's choice all over the place. However in Corfu you possibly can attempt the dessert version, served in the Pomo D & # 39; Oro restaurant with the dark honey and the fake honey cell. Salty and candy. Good. (Seasonal Availability Pomo D & # 39; Orossa)

Choosing the Most Well-liked Restaurants in the Metropolis of Corfu: Guide a table or study extra about Boss D & # 39; s ortho.

Souvlaki & Gyros

  Traditional Corfu Food: What to Eat in Corfu - Souvlaki & Gyros

What to Eat in Corfu – Souvlaki

A quick reference when you don't already know. Souvlaki is Greek's personal kebab. Pieces of meat cooked with skewer

Gyros is analogous to doner kebab – but I feel it is better. Pork or hen cooked with a vertical rotor and served in heat, thick pita bread using salad and sauce.

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