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Therm-A-Rest Vesper 20F Gear Review

vesper quilt

Photograph: Therm-A-Rest

Therm-A-Rest Vesper 20F is another step within the growing development: corporations using mainstream gear are increasingly offering mild crowds (REI Magma Path Another example of this phenomenon is Quilt 30, which is in comparison with Vesper later on this article. Vesper is EN / ISO safety rated at round 20 F (-6.7 ° C) with a comfort class of 32 F (zero C). -frills, but the trendy design combines to type a 19 oz (539 g) down jacket that compresses down and makes the Vesper a strong device for ultra-light sleep alarms

  • Horizontal Shoulder Orientation
  • spacer discs to attenuate displacement
  • Insulated, adjustable collar with shutter
  • Box-stitched spacers
  • SynergyLink ™ sleeping pad connection system [19659006]] Nikwax Hydrophobic Down ™
  • RDS Certified
  • 4 Point Compressor Pack
  • Made in China
  • Unisex
  • Specs (Full Common)

    • Weight: 19 oz (539 g)
    • Temperature value *: 20 F (-6 C)
    • Filling Sort: 900 Filling Nikwax Hydrophobic Down
    • Filling Weight: 12 oz (340 g)
    • Loft Peak: 4.5 in (11.4 cm) [19659006] Dimensions: 75 x 58 in (191 x 147 cm)
    • Packed dimensions: 8 x 5.5 in (20 x 14 cm)
    • Shell material: 10D Nylon RipStop (DWR handled)
    • Lining Material: 10D Nylon RipStop
    • MSRP: $ 379.95

    * Extra about this Temperature and Warmth section

      Thermarest vesper blanket 17

    Wind River Vary in Wyoming makes all the things look small.

    I’ve logged more than 2 000 route kilometers and virtually 200 nights in several manufacturers and models of quilts, so I do know what I like coated. For me, the perfect blanket ought to sit within the sweet spot of minimalist design and functionality. The blanket behind the shortage of cold tiles, sketches or blankets does not make anyone in style, regardless of how mild it is. Similarly, a blanket with too much material or too many additional options may additionally be a mummy bag

    Good protection requires more temperature control than a mummy bag while nonetheless firmly hooked up to the sleeping mat. It needs to be driven in ounces through the use of as little material as potential whereas still being vast and long enough to cowl the aspect bench. A well-designed blanket should retain the loft in the long run, be as breathable as it is water and moisture resistant, and have to be sewn and confused to attenuate cold spots and displacement.

    Some corporations design blankets for multipurpose use; make blankets that may be opened utterly as duvets – let you regulate the temperature extra flexibly, settle in the solar in the course of the drying time or even gown across the camp. These are good features, however only considered one of them is extraordinarily practical: putting the capacity utterly flat coated in daylight is an enormous profit during catastrophic soaking and even in a humid night time.

    When it comes to temperature management, I’ve not personally discovered coverpieces that may be extra efficient than adjusting the top alone or re-arranging the higher part of the duvet. I talk about the footbox fashion (and why I consider Therm-A-Rest's strategy to Vesper is the best choice) in more element later in this article.

    I spent lots of your outside sleeping quarters, designed for use for poncho in cold mornings (the truth is, this function was one cause I purchased this blanket). I shortly discovered that 4 inches loftia is troublesome to wrap your self in if you do camp chores, or more terrifying, cooking over an alcoholic answer of unregulated flame. So I'm okay, once I take a blanket models, which concentrate on functionality moderately than bells and whistling.

    Vesper was my companion on each extended and short-term journey I received between July 2018 and April 2019. There are three alpine huts, together with altitude, four totally different shelters, and three totally different sleeping pads. Briefly: the optimal circumstances for testing blankets!

    The summer time journey to the Wyoming Wind River area provided loads of opportunities to set Vesper's DWR remedy and hydrophobic right down to their velocity. Then I adopted a ten-day hike within the Absaroka-Beartooth Desert in Montana – where the winds of the night time have been brash and the high temperatures at high altitudes fell to the thirties.

    Lastly, I took Vesper out of the various days of late autumn / winter / early spring excursions within the japanese Sierra Nevada. In these instances, the night time temperatures typically dropped to teenagers and have been on average nearer to the mid 20s.

    One Vesper Therm-A-Rest for NeoAir UberLite (see right here) or Nemo Gear Switchback (see here here) and in winter I used both on the similar time.

    My basement was principally Brynje wool protectors, t-shirt, leggings and thick Darn Robust wool socks.

    Efficiency analysis of Therm-A-Rest Vesper 20F consists of the next:

    • Supplies
    • Bins
    • Quality
    • Quality
    • ] Pad Connection
    • Temperature score and warmth [19659006] Chopping, Design and Special Features


      Thermarest vesper quilt 9

    10D-nylon is lightweight, breathable and silky. The vesper shell is handled with DWR and permits straightforward separation of moisture and condensation through the check.

    At this point, it shouldn’t be shocking that the high-end blanket and bag producers use silky, lightweight fabrics for both the shell and the lining. Vesper is not any exception. Therma-A-Relaxation makes use of 10 kg of Nylon RipStop material in both the Vesper shell and the liner, resulting in a blanket that’s an emotional joy to sleep. The material is quiet, delicate and so skinny that it is translucent in direct sunlight. The top result is which you could simply discover and mitigate downward lumps if needed, although this is not a serious drawback with Vesper's defend design

    The shell is dealt with by DWR, and it simply sheds impression and splashes throughout a collection of heavy rain winds. Likewise, the speedy shaking within the morning threw away the condensation of cold climate, which was collected on the surface of the blanket in the japanese part of Sierra Nevada. I never felt painful, clogged or tired once I slept in this cowl – so my judgment is that Therm-A-Rest managed to stability breathability and wind / water resistance in its selection. I actually haven't observed any tears, tears or materials after lengthy use, so it appears strong sufficient. Nevertheless, I might watch out with it.

      Thermarest vesper quilt 6

    The writer is glad to point out tips on how to NOT dry a 10D nylon blanket. From this perspective, it is clear that the design of the hybrid plates (horizontal with the peripheral aspect plates) is

    . If I had one kangaspää, it might be this: I have my residence luggage of dark-colored materials fan, which helps to dry for longer distances (full notification. I don’t have any measurable evidence that black or dark material dries quicker than direct auringonvaloiset lightweight materials Anecdotally, nevertheless … Yes). As an alternative, Vesper is mild gray.

      vesuri quper 18

    Vesper is crammed with 12 oz (340 g) of 900 RDS certified Nikwax Hydrophobic Downs.

    Therm-A-Rest products Vesper with 12 oz (340 g) 900-filled Nikwax hydrophobic RDS certified faeces. This can be a premium merchandise (most blankets are commonplace 800 or 850 full) and might be a very good part of the Vesper 379.95 dollar price tag. Recovery is a blanket that squeezes very nicely, however it’s about Four.5 inches thick (11.Four cm) and has a powerful thermal weight ratio.


    "Vertical or Horizontal?" An everlasting question. In my expertise, vertical baffles scale back the amount of immigration that may occur during long-term use. Vertical or hybrid (horizontal chest and vertical legs) at the moment are fairly widespread in each covers and sleeping luggage. Therm-A-Rest goes to the old-fashioned with Vesper and makes use of a horizontal spacer system – on the turn. The horizontal baffles prolong roughly half approach around the sides of the bag. There's a smaller set of circumferential aspect plates leaving

      Thermarest vesper quilt 10

    Horizontal spacers with circumferential spacers to scale back migration. From this attitude, additionally, you will see an adjustable collar: a substantially lengthy, slender closure with a snap closure and a zipper for adjustments.

    Horizontal spacers have been the primary concern in Vesper's design: I’ve multiple scales with horizontal spacers, and all endure from chilly discs on the head finish because of displacement on the edges of the shims. Thus far, the circular disc used by Therm-A-Rest appears to be working: I’ve not skilled any detectable transition or cold spot with the help of Vesper, even if the aspect walls are a bit overfilled. Maintaining the whistle in the mild reveals areas in the aspect wall plates that look utterly intact. Additionally in Vesper I haven't observed any aspect plans, so that is in all probability a really accurate weight and design. Nevertheless, in case you are an individual to whom the phrase "twenty percent overstuffed" is of nice importance, the low fill degree on the aspect plates is more likely to intrude with you.

    The horizontal spacers are 5.5 inches (13.9 cm) extensive. All the spacer spacers are stitched, so there are skinny layers between the seams that forestall the transition between the chambers. That is in contradiction with the stitched fashion during which the liner and shell are sewn together to type an obstacle. The grommet can create chilly spots, but it is lighter, with extra material (eg Weight) sewn into the box, however avoids the creation of zero insulation points

    Vesper. I’m wondering what number of ounces they might have dropped into stitched design, however they have been already 19 oz (538.6 g), in order that they in all probability realized that they had some area. Finally, I feel it is the proper selection. As I’ve already stated, Vesper is naturally free and heat.

    High quality

    Cascade Designs (the dad or mum firm of Therm-A-Rest) has a well-deserved fame for tightly constructed merchandise. Vesper meets these necessities… for probably the most part. I might say that 99% of the seams and stitches are tight, flat and properly sewn. Maybe it’s unfortunate that after thirty nights of use I observed the primary unfastened threads (solely two of them) when photographing Vesper for this assessment.

      Thermarest vesper quilt 7

    Stitching a Unfastened from Vesper's Pattern. 19659003] The ultra-thin 10D nylon will in all probability not assist – because a skinny, lightweight material doesn’t necessarily stand for stitching or heavier materials. I went to Therm-A-Rest on this difficulty and was informed that my pattern Vesper was made on a special production line than the buyer merchandise made later. Small manufacturing errors are usually not unusual in instances like Therm-A-Rest, "sometimes we see a little less quality control on the sampling line." Our experience right here at Backpacking Mild helps this, so we’re considering unfastened threads in this pattern. Vesper just isn’t an issue

    It's fascinating to see how stitching lasts longer lasting use: I'm going to make use of Vesper on the Tahoe Rim Trail and Arizona Trail.

    Sleeping Pad Connection

      Thermarest vesper quilt 12

    SynergyLink connectors are Therm-A-Rest's answer to the pillow connection drawback. The cushion is then inverted for illustration purposes. If anyone was coated, the elastic connector can be pulled firmly over the bottom of the dam

    There may be nothing more than the sleeve coupling methods within the sleeve design parts. Hooks, buckles, straps, wires: everyone seems to have a special strategy. I fan Therm-A-Rest answer – a flexible cable with each ends of the plastic coupling. Therm-A-Rest calls it a SynergyLink connector. The slide slides by means of a small loop on the edges of the Vesper and then the twine feeds underneath the pad to slip by way of the corresponding loop on the other aspect of the blanket. The ensuing rigidity is enough to hold Vesper free while permitting freedom of motion

      Thermarest vesper quilt 13

    The SynergyLink connector is a considerably versatile belt with a small plastic T that feeds small loops

    The system is straightforward, elegant and versatile There are two loops on all sides of the Vesper, one with a high cowl and one with about two-thirds down. You’ll be able to choose which loop you need to use based mostly in your sleeping fashion.

    In fact you’ll be able to just depart the belt residence (however why would you be 0.1 oz / 2.Eight g). Therm-A-Rest appears to know that ultralighters love hacking in adjoining fabrics: why else would they make it detachable? That is truly the only drawback in the system. The SynergyLink connector is so small and lightweight and really easy to attach and take away that it is straightforward to put (in the event you depart it hooked up to the Vesper, it typically comes out and falls to the bottom if you pull the duvet bag out of the compression bag)

    <img class="wp-image-3591400 size-medium" src="" alt=" Thermarest vesper quilt 16 [19659050] This puppy is easy to lose.

    When you have lost it several times, I saved the SynergyLink connector in other places: inside the Sundries bag, in the sleeping compartment, in my zipper compartment. Basically anywhere, but inside the compressor bag with Vesper. In the future, I could try ways to permanently or partially permanently attach to one loop.

    Temperature value and heat

    Vesper 20F has a comfort value of 32 F (0 C) and a limit value of 20 F (-6 C). These figures are worth digging in because they are one of the most important reasons to choose Vesper on a rival blanket.

    A lot of ink has spilled into how the sleeping bag's temperature values ​​are not consistent in the same way as, for example, the R-value of the sleeping pads. In fact, there is a standardized system, just that every gear manufacturer does not want to evaluate their bags according to it

    For example, here is a snapshot of the temperature profile of a competing blanket taken from the REI product page.

      magma snip

    Temperature estimates from competitor to Vesper at REI

    Here’s a snapshot of Vesper's temperature values, which can also be taken from the REI product page.

      vesper snip 2

    Temperature knowledge from Vesper to REI

    See the difference? Both merchandise have a temperature worth, but only Vesper has a tested lower restrict and a tested consolation temperature

    It’s because Therm-A-Rest has chilly chambers and check amenities that meet EN / ISO standards. Do different manufacturers have these amenities? Typically… but Therm-A-Rest appears to be proud that it is accurate at their temperatures, they usually're going out of the best way to realize EN / ISO certification on their covers and luggage.

    In addition, Therm-A-Rest has developed useful visible graphics that allow potential consumers to enhance their temperature requirements.

      temp range snip

    Really helpful temperature chart from Therm-A-Rest to Vesper Quilt.

    Most corporations offer you only one number, ie 20 F (- 6 C). What does this quantity mean? Are you snug at this temperature? Chills? Arduous cold, but not to die? It's totally different for each enterprise, they usually don't all the time inform you what's happening.

    That's why I respect Therm-A-Rest's efforts for transparency. I found their range is true: I used to be snug with a light-weight beanie and a backside layer of 30 F (-1 C) and warmer. Colder than me and I needed to start tossing an extra layer or two (though not a lot). At 20 F (-6 ° C) I wanted a Waterbear Hood and an insulating center layer, corresponding to a fleece or lengthy sleeve shirt, on prime of the ground flooring. Teenager temperatures required a down jacket or additional blanket for comfort.

    This is in fact subjective. Experience and sleeping temperatures range tremendously from person to person. However Therm-A-Rest is as accurate and open as potential, and it’s a good factor to make an costly purchase choice for a large gear.

    Cut, Shape, and Special Features

    Footbox Design

    Usually talking, you possibly can divide the types of the underlay into two categories: strong and non-attached. Legs of non-attached fashions, reminiscent of Nemo Gear Banshee or Jacks R Higher Sierra Sniveler, are closed because the duvets are designed to be opened at all times (quilt) if desired. This "lay-flat" construction is right for claustrophobic sleepers, dry cover drying or (sniveler) overlay.

    Therm-A-Rest is a weight-saving, easier strategy: a strong footpad. The result’s a blanket that does not open utterly as a blanket, but in addition avoids chilly spots which are all inevitable on the cinch-close sidewalk.

    The Vesper foot case has an ergonomic design that’s appropriate for the backrest. upward toe with out excessive loft compression. Some cowl ft are designed to accommodate sleeping pads along with the hiker's legs (see Siren for Nemo units, read evaluations right here), however Vesper's Leg Enclosure is just a “leg” mode

    The Vesperin Footcase is a sewn “separation cut”, which signifies that the inside shell is reduce so that the insulation remains in good condition even when pressed inside the bag (for example, toes or ankles). The separated minimize is effective for stopping cold locations (especially the horizontal intermediate plates), and I am glad that Therm-A-Rest determined to make use of it for this item foot enclosure.

      Thermarest vesper quilt


    Adjustable collar

      Thermarest vesper quilt 8

    From this perspective you’ll be able to really take a look at how high the adjustable collar is. Think about the large loop within the cinch twine – a thoughtful design function that permits manipulation with gloves

    The Vesper sketch is one of its best features. This narrow horizontal plane runs through the top of the Vesper and closes the simple button button at the back. Bright green drawstring (with a particularly large loop for attaching the fingers of the gloves) collar to the desired circumference. The collar is not very restrictive, but wide enough to be comfortable, but high enough to be warm and cozy.

      Thermarest vesper quilt 14

    The writer demonstrates using a highly adjustable collar

    Dimensions and match

    I discovered Vesper's 75 x 58 (191 x 147 cm) dimensions giant sufficient to fit into my shocking night time cycles. So, 5, 6, 165 kg, I'm not the world's largest shoulder. Hefty Backpackers might need to go for a size of 79 x 61 in (201 x 155 cm) at a further value of two oz (28 g). This distinction in measurement represents the restrict of the changes out there to Vesper. Customization is likely one of the advantages of the cottage business, and in case you hold your sleep in a good way, you might not need to go to the Vesper route.


      Thermarest vesper quilt 1

    The small packed measurement of Vesper is considered one of its greatest features, particularly for warmth!

    It might be troublesome for you to find a comparable warmth and weight protection that squeezes into a smaller measurement than Vesper. I feel that is certainly one of Vesper's strongest retailers. When paired with an ultra-light sleeping mat (reminiscent of UberLite), you’ve gotten a very heat and cozy (weight) three-year sleeping system that takes up a relatively small quantity of area in a minimalist package deal.

    I'm not a fan with a packing bag containing a four-point belt and canopy type. The sack itself is ok: good for masking, well-built and useful. I found all these straps a bit of tough and very trendy.

      Thermarest vesper quilt Three

    I don't should spend all of these straps in a compression bag. But this is in all probability one of the best sack for the job.

    I choose a roll-top-style packing bag. However it is extremely possible that you can not get Vesper right into a compact measurement in a roll top-style sack so I can reside with Vesper. (What’s value, I’ve not tried to see how Vesper compresses in different compression types… I'd like to listen to what different users have carried out).


    • Excellent Heat Weight (and Size) Ratio
    • Highest Compression
    • Premium Materials: Soft DWR-Treated Nylon & 900 Fill RDS Hydrophobic Down
    • Solid Structure
    • Differential Cutting Foot
    • Design is in a sweet spot between useful features and minimalist aesthetics
    • The collar is comfortable and fine
    • Sleeping pad is a stylish, functional and weighs 0.1 oz (2.8 g)

    Limitations [19659017] Some loose stitches after thirty nights use (probably a fault
  • Cannot be tailored like cottage signs
  • The sleeping platform connection system is easy to lose
  • Can not be opened as a blanket
  • For this comparison table I chose blankets weighing 17.5 oz (496 g) to 20 oz (567 g)

    Therm-A-Rest Vesper 19 oz 20 F (-7 C) 900 horizontal with small perimeter side plates Nikwax fixed 10D ripstop nylon flexible cushion neck closure
    REI Magma Trail Quilt 19 19 19 30 F (19659151) 30 F (- 1 C) 850 vertical / horizontal waterproof ] solid, trapezoidal film 15D ripstop-nylon adjustable insulating tube, button neck closure
    Sea to Summit Man 19 o 25F (-4 C) hybrid point vertical / Horizontal Ultradry Zipper Closure 15 D Nylon Four Adjustable Straps [19659157] can be opened as a blanket on a warm night
    Katabatic Palisade 17,5 oz 30 F (-1 C) horizontal horizontal ] Hyperdry fixed , trapezoidal shell: Pertex Quantum ripstop .85 oz / yd2; lining: Pertex Quantum Taffeta 1.0 oz / yd2 cable holder fastening system down collar, cable tie system attaches to the upper part of the pad
    Western mountaineering AstraLite clogged upper cover 17,5 oz 26 F (- 3C) 850 horizontal none solid shell: 7D nylon; lining: 10D nylon two flat elastic loops flexible, adjustable base closure
    Illuminated devices Enigma 17,94 oz 30 F (-1 C) 850 shaped Downtek solid, round 10D nylon elastic straps and holder lanyard and drawstring
    Kammok Bobcat Trail Quilt 20 oz 20 oz 45 F (19659151) 45 F (7 C) 600 diamond shaped Downtek snaps and zipper closure Atmos 20D ripstop nylon belts sublayer modification, can be set flat as blanket
    ZPacks Solo Quilt 19.5 oz 20 F (-7 C) 900 vertical / horizontal no solid 7D Ventum ripstop nylon [19659156] flat holder and strap [19659158] 30% overstuffed, flat holder and flexible neck closure
    Nuns akin arc UL 19,4 oz 20 F (-7 C) 900 hybrid vertical / horizontal Hyperdry optional fixed 10D with customizable options standard straps (under the underpants) or shock absorber (under the frame) as an accessory adjusting the optional edge tension for high tension adjustment, zipper neck closure standard

    I want to spend a few minutes compared to another fresh addition to the cover market: REI Magma Trail Quilt 30. This is a good comparison, because both blankets are recently offered long-term gear manufacturers whose records are well thought out design and strong implementation. Both blankets weigh 19 oz (538.6 g) and use some form of hydrophobic form. Both covers have a fixed foot case, adjustable collar with button closure, and hybrid type spacers (the Vesper has horizontal spacers with circumferential spacers, while Magma has horizontal guides over the torso and the vertical guides down the legs). Both blankets cannot be customized after ordering different sizes (regular and long for Vesper, short, regular and long for Magma).

    So with similar features and similar weights, which bag is warmer? As we have studied, this question can be tricky. Magma has a temperature of 30 F (-1 C). What exactly does this mean? Hard to say. The best we can do is turn to the REI Customer Support, which will provide this feedback on the customer's question.

     magma consolation question

    So we will assume that both blankets provide the identical comfort at the similar temperatures. But since Magma is just not an ISO score (in contrast to Vesper, take a look at the Temperature and Warmth section of this assessment), we don't know.

    Magma makes use of stitched shims as opposed to Vesper's field rows, and I feel it have to be somewhat warm.

    One thing that can be measured is that this: packed entire both blankets when it comes to width and size. Magma compresses Four.75 x 13 inches (12 x 33 cm) when Vesper compresses 5.5 x 8 (14 x 20 cm). It’s a vital distinction in packaging. As well as, there’s various effort to get Magma compressed so small (that is in accordance with our upcoming Magma Review and anecdotes on the REI website). Then again, it is a cinch to get Vesper in its sack and packed.

    Vesper manages this revenue even if the shoulders are two inches wider and have a fill weight of 1.5 oz (42.5 g) than Magma. Therm-A-Rest in all probability achieved this through the use of 10D material over Magman 15D and 900 by filling the Magman 850 filling.

    Nevertheless, these variations appear in worth tags. Vesper carries $ 379.95 when Magma goes to $ 299.00. At these worth points, chances are you’ll simply get more coverage with Buckan.

    I used to be pleased to test this coverage in so many various circumstances and with so many various sleep alert mixtures. It worked properly in the whole spectrum of the check: shaking moisture and drafts, managing the versatile temperature and holding it heat at night time, while my packaging was nearly inconspicuous

    . me and the issue that places Vesper "on the shelf" in my flip. What is ultra-light ethos, if not a nicely designed gearbox that’s as mild as attainable and still very practical? It's Vesper. It simply does sufficient work on your work (snap collar, pillow connection system) to make it effective, but not sufficient to extend pointless ounces. for everybody apart from the most important and worst sleepers. In addition, Vesper squeezes to a measurement that may be a bit ridiculous.

    Vesper 20F is a wonderful product: it’s wonderful in subject effectivity, design and material choice. Its warmth-to-weight and heat-size ratio are prime notch, and it additionally deals with dangerous weather, if it isn’t higher than some other quilt or cover, which I have come throughout. The design is accurate and the manufacturing high quality is as excessive as that of Cascade Designs (which could be very excessive). Samples Vesper's unfastened threads are unlikely to be discovered in the product's shopper occasions

    My small handles, corresponding to the colour of the material, the bag sort and the easy-to-remove pad connector, are mild in comparison with Vesper's most necessary strengths: how warm Therm-A-Rest can compress into such a small and light-weight package deal. Katson, että Vesper on yksi kolmesta parhaillaan käytettävissä olevista peitteistä, ja mielestäni se on ansainnut erittäin suositeltavan arvosanan

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