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Therm-a-Rest NeoAir UberLite Sleeping Pad Review

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This Therm-a-Rest NeoAir UberLite Report presents an assessment of market efficiency available on the market's lightest full-size air-filled sleeping mats.

Therm-a-Rest NeoAir UberLite is an 8.8 ouncesinflatable air mattress (ie "regular" – 20 vast x 72 long). Therm-a-Rest XLite and XTherm users acknowledge the shape and primary design of UberLite. UberLite is simply over three ounces lighter than the XLite. It additionally compresses smaller ones and sleeps extra quietly. Inconvenience? Heat.

The next describes how one can examine the three mummy pillows of the Therm-a-Rest NeoAir line:

UberLite XLite XTherm XTherm ] Weight 8.8 oz 12.0 oz 15.0 oz
Packed measurement at 6.0 x 3.5 9.0 x 4.0: x four.0 in
19659010] 15 denier-ripstop-nylon 30 denier-ripst-HT-nylon 30 denier-ripstop-HT nylon
19659010] 15 denier-nylon 30 denierstop-HT-nylon 70 denier-nylon R-value 2 3.2 5.7
MSRP $ 179.95 $ 169.95 $ 199.95

All specifications are on a normal sized pad (20 broad x 72 in length x 2.5). UberLite can also be out there briefly and lengthy sizes

In addition to obvious weight, warmth (R) and packed volumes, you’ll be able to see that Therm-a-Rest NeoAir UberLite is product of lighter fabrics. Particularly, Therm-a-Rest claims that UberLite's prime material is quieter than the fabrics used within the other two pillows, the efficiency function we take a look at in this assessment.

See Ryan Jordan's video on how he uses Thermia -a-Relaxation NeoAir UberLite for winter mountaineering and a summary of the findings on this evaluation:

  • Horizontal press
  • Triangular nuclear matrix structure
  • Silent upper thread
  • measurement
  • Provided trademark and restore package
  • Normal valve system
  • MSRP: $ 179.95 (pre-order / buy from REI)
  • Weight (normal): eight.eight oz (249 g)
  • ] Measured weight (mattress only): 7.9 oz (224 g)
  • Measured weight together with sacks and restore package: eight.3 oz (235 g)
  • Width (common): 20 in (50 cm)
  • ] Length (common): 72 in (183 cm)
  • Thickness: 2.5 in (6.four cm)
  • R-value: 2.0
  • Packed dimensions: (b) Taurus: 6 x three.5 inches (15.2 cm x 8.9 cm)
  • Body sort: 15 denier-ripstop nylon
  • Sort of base material: 15 denier nylon
  IMG 7578 "width =" 1600 "height =" 1200

UberLite gives a 2.5 inch cushion thickness of only 8.eight oz

Why choose an inflatable air mattress first?

The sealed foam mattresses (typically) better seal (larger R: thickness ratio), are onerous, have multiple makes use of (e.g., range, abrasive flooring plate, internal packing frame), are significantly cheaper and weigh about the identical.

See, for example, Therm-a-Rest RidgeRest SOLITE. This cushion is extra useful with nearly the identical weight as the current golden requirements in inflatable mattresses, the Therm-a-Rest NeoAir XLite – a fraction of the fee.

NeoAir XLite RidgeRest SOLite Weight oz 14.0 oz Packed Measurement 9.0 x four.0, 20.0 x, ] 30 denier-ripstop HT-ion cross-linked polyethylene sealed cell foam Base movie 30 denier ripstop HT-nylon cross-linked polyethylene sealed cell foam R-value [19659010] 3.2 [19659011] 2.8 MSRP $ 169.95 $ 29.95

The reply is one word: consolation.

Those that can sleep with nicely patterned and relatively thick closed cell foam are a particular breed. Hikers who can get up to a feeling that is resting in a single day with very thin foam is even rarer. If your dedication to ultra-light backpacking means you're ready to endure sleepless nights because of an oz of shaving, you’re one robust cookie. However I argue that deprivation of sleep will ultimately take you and weaken your mountaineering capacity regardless of how mild the pack is. The longer your hike is, the extra possible will probably be to play.

It is true that the majority our bodies and minds adapt to (somewhat) sleep on a skinny sealed foam mat. I went to the Appalachian Trail and the Colorado Path utilizing a 5/eight ″ closed cell foam cartridge and I finally (because it have been) sleeping on it. However I never obtained what I feel is a wonderful night time's sleep, and I am suffering drastically from atmospheric shoulders and hips.

Although the R-value, durability and worth are all necessary elements of an inflatable mattress, comfort is king, particularly in case you are an individual with a consolation in a sealed plastic cartridge. Or, if I say, the comfort-weight ratio is king. It’s crucial factor that separates inflatable air mattresses from the other pillow.

In fact, comfort is subjective, particularly when goals are concerned. If it have been straightforward to objectively quantify comfort, we might all have slept like kings every night time in a backcountry. I don't should inform you that this isn’t the case. So you see the words as you are feeling and really feel that this evaluate sometimes pops up, particularly relating to consolation. I can solely offer you a subjective opinion and offer you anecdotal info to extrapolate what your personal experience might be. In all different efficiency indicators (weight, sturdiness, and so on.) I keep as objective as attainable.

  IMG 7576 "Width =" 1600 "Height =" 1200

Therm-a-Rest NeoAir UberLite Blast in Wyoming. I might obtain most strain with 15 – 17 breaths

Therm-a-Rest recommends UberLite for summer time use. Mattress manufacturing samples were not out there until late summer time 2018, so I couldn't check UberLite underneath the peak summer time circumstances. In some methods, this limitation works positive. I feel the typical consumer of this mattress doesn’t include itself in the summertime, however sleeps in the UberLite space for 3 years in accordance with the circumstances. Rare is a backpacker who can afford to own a separate mattress solely for summer time temperatures.

I tested UberLite in late summer time and autumn in three mountains and altitudes of 5,000 and 11,000 ft.

The first wilderness check was a two-night trip to Wyoming in the Wind River Vary in late summer time. Both campsites have been 10,000 ft in 11,000 ft. The night time circumstances have been windy and lightweight rain and temperatures only fell under freezing. Day trips consisted of steep climbs and excessive elevation lengths with a low mileage

Another check was the six-night hike in Montana's Absaroka-Beartooth Desert originally of the autumn (a narrative about this hike). The pitch of the campsite ranged from 6000 ft to 10,000 ft. Evening circumstances ranged from the low 20s to mid-30s (degree F), typically winds and rain. Day trips consisted of a steep rise by way of high passages and a dense brush. Lengthy climbing days (as much as 12 hours a day), with as much as a number of thousand meters of altitude, mixed with dangerous weather and cold nights gave a great background for testing the ultra-light sleep disorder and its potential to assist me get well day by day. 19659002] Finally, I tested UberLite on a number of late autumn one-and-two-day trips to East California, California. In a single day temperatures fell to 20 and 10 (degrees F), and infrequently mild or average snow.

I 5 ft 6 inches (168 cm) lengthy, weighing 160 kg (73 kg), and used atypical sized mattresses.

their efficiency evaluation Thermarest UberLite will talk about the next gadgets:

  • Comfort
  • weight and compressibility
  • resistance
  • Accessibility
  • Prepared High quality


For convenience listed these things in order of what I criticize

  IMG 8980 "Width =" 1600 "Height =" 1200

UberLite is a 2.5-inch (6.four cm) thick, horizontal spacer and Therm-a-Rest triangle Nuclear matrix for stability and heat

UberLite's R worth is Therm-a-Rest argues that this makes UberLite the most well liked 104 oz (284 g) inflatable mattress available on the market. Best of my analysis, they're right. This low R worth is the rationale Therma-A-Relaxation does not place UberLite as a three-season mattress

Long-term Therm-a-Rest users know that UberLite's older brother, XLite, carries R-Value 3.2, making XLite extra snug circumstances. Therm-a-Rest designers obtain this additional warmth within the XLite via a secondary material layer, by which they name ThermaCapture. ThermaCapture is somewhat recognized for being robust. I once heard that the Appalachian Path through hiker described his first nights on his path as a "symphony of protection and cracking, cracking and crushing of five kilometers of each tent". some customers contemplate the ThermaCapture software of their cushion to be quiet sufficient, however the ThermaCapture gadget will keep awake on their tent / shelter.

  UberLite vs XLite noise "width =" 1600 "height =" 541

Pad noise was assessed by putting the microphone at a distance of about six meters from the top of the pillow after which measuring the sound waveforms ensuing from the change of sleeping area from one aspect to the other by the pillow consumer. This FFT curve exhibits the frequency (Hz, x-axis) vs. the sound degree (dB relative to the microscopy, y-axis). The arrows point out the waveform at the highest sound degree measured when the consumer moved the sleeping places. This chart exhibits that UberLite is quieter than the XLite, and the typical noise degree is around 15 dB in all the frequency vary. How that is truly on account of real variations is determined by many elements which are too complicated here, together with voice recognition psychology, consumer's personal listening to quality, environmental sound attenuation, and rather more. Additionally, understand that the sound ranges introduced listed here are only zero, which is the extent at which the microphone begins to cut and is completely arbitrary. This chart can’t be compared to any specific audio source. The decrease strains indicate the ground of the encompassing sound (indoors, without fans, and so forth.) for reference. Supply: Ryan Jordan.

UberLite does not use ThermaCapture. As an alternative, it’s based mostly on the interior construction of the mattress (Therm-a-rest calls it a "triangular core matrix") to fight heat switch (the XLite additionally has the identical inner construction). Then again, UberLite is snug because it’s a fairly quiet pad. Then again, it might really feel colder in some environmental circumstances than other inflatable pads available on the market

As I mentioned within the area check description, I slept within the UberLite space at freezing temperatures of at the least six or seven occasions. the alternative of R-value of was not very troublesome, particularly once I'm coated with the consumer, and I'm used to throw a couple of additional garments earlier than sleeping. I need to ensure that a skinny insulation plate is placed underneath UberLite if the snow was in the forecast (eg Gossamer Gear Thinlight Foam Pad).

The noise and the R-value of the fabric are goal, however the query is how does it sleep ”is a bit of more durable to nail. I feel UberLite builds the body and prevents strain factors as much as a mean of two – three (5.1 – 7.6 cm) mattresses with horizontal spacers. I often spend yötäni rolling his aspect to again and again, and I feel a mattress works just as properly with a lateral sleeping and sleeping. The hips and shoulders felt very supportive despite the fact that they were not too tight regardless that the mattress was crammed to most capacity.

Ryan Jordan, who has in depth experience in NeoAir XLite and XTherm, has additionally examined UberLite and the echoes of his expertise. He thought the differences between the three pillows have been marginal, and all three provided the identical latitudes by adjusting the comfort by adjusting the valve.

UberLite is a no-frills. Don’t watch for it to cover you with thicker aspect plates or help your neck with an integrated pillow. Most ounces of ultra-light backpackers are more likely to recognize design simplicity and weight savings.

Briefly, UberLite gave me a great night time's sleep like an abnormal inflatable mattress. Be sure that there are extra snug inflatable mattresses available on the market, however are they near UberLite's high degree of consolation, compact and lightweight?

Weight and Compressibility

  IMG 9125 "width =" 1600 "height =" 1427

UberLite compresses into a very small package deal even after a number of makes use of (UberLite is packed inside an inside bag). Just a little extra care and time in folding might in all probability get it to the original six inches, but I by no means felt the need to hassle.

Weight and compressibility are two of UberLite's biggest strengths. If you will buy this track, you will do it because it weighs 8.8 oz (249 g) and squeezes a small measurement.

The advertising supplies of Therm-a-Rest claim that you could match within the again pocket of UberLite. They are proper, even if it isn’t snug. You definitely haven’t any hassle finding a great place in your packaging. You’ll be able to even pack it in your sleeping bag for simplicity if you’d like.

I can't overestimate the dimensions and weight of this product: when you’ve got maximized your sleep consumption within the present collection, UberLite

Therm-a-Rest claims that NeoAir UberLite is packed in 6.0 x 3.5 inches. If the pillow could possibly be utterly folded, that is a precise statement. Realistically, you’ll be able to anticipate the packaged measurement to be inside the range of 7.5 x 3.5 inches throughout actual subject use.

  thermal present angle neoair uberlite-packed measurement "width =" 1600 "height =" 1315

Shoe measurement is US 9 as a reference value. Photograph by Ryan Jordan.

  IMG 9120 "width =" 1200 "height =" 1600

UberLite is so mild partially that it uses 15 denier nylon at each the highest and bottom of the pillow.

UberLite is built of thin 15 denier ripstop nylon and 15 denier nylon backside. In different phrases, it’s so thin which you can see it in the fitting mild. Exactly how this means long-term sustainability is just not yet seen. I can inform you that after two consecutive and consecutive nights it has not but leaked. In different words, I used to be cautious with this gearbox – very cautious

Therm-a-Rest The mixture of four totally different materials is used in the NeoAir pads. 15D ripstop nylon (prime left) is used on the highest floor of NeoAir UberLite. 15D-ripstop nylon (within the upper proper corner) is used on the NeoAir UberLite base. The 30D ripstop HT (“high strength”) nylon (on the backside left) is used for the highest and backside surfaces of the NeoAir XLite and the top surface of NeoAir XTherm. The underside surface of NeoAir XTherm uses 70D nylon (in the lower proper nook). All pictures have been taken on the same scale (about 12x magnification). Photographs: Ryan Jordan.

15 denier nylon is just not a cloth with which you’ll be able to be rough. Utilizing UberLite means you’re committed to listening to the place you set it down, the place you blow it, and exactly what sort of detritus protects the floor of the safety. We couldn't pierce the pad on either aspect with each green and dry spruce needles, which was a huge aid! The actual puncture enemies of this dam would include desert and prairie diaspora, burs, and sharp cliffs underneath the bench as you sleep.

The UberLite mannequin has a repair package that includes two patches and two adhesive points hooked up to the patches. The entire weight of the set, minus the directions, is 0.2 oz (6 g)

The forthcoming mountaineering season must be a revealing check case for the long-term reliability of this mattress. I think that novice hikers will punch holes in the UberLite left and right, while more experienced users could have a child. Nevertheless, accidents occur, they usually occur more typically with a cloth of this thickness. I say this: I wouldn't use UberLite if I had shared my tent with the dog and I wouldn't use it without grounding or a protecting layer to guard it.


My spouse and my cat both comprehend it, I’m recognized to be embarrassed sleeper. Regardless of fixed motion and re-regulation, I had no hassle staying on a mattress that was 20 inches (51 cm) at its widest point and 72 inches (183 cm) in length (full regular). UberLite makes use of horizontal spacers. Some individuals choose the again benches vertical baffles, but I've all the time found the horizontal intermediate plates, which work nicely because sleep.

UberLite retains its construction underneath high strain. After supplying you with an estimated 5% to 10% of the air at most strain, I nonetheless had to wrestle to get the mattress out of the physique weight.

The 15 denier nylon material is a bit slippery and may slide on the safety flooring (based on the floor materials). Typical repairs are utilized: paint silicone strips on the underside of the base or utilizing a skinny insulating pillow underneath the mattress

I was capable of hold the UberLite most strain at 15-17 breaths simply over a minute after a mean peak of 6500 ft. The nozzle is a regular Therm-a-Rest variety: open it and screw it into place. By expanding, you’ll be able to push the valve ahead with the tongue so that it closes briefly, permitting you to breathe deeper or maintain the air escape when the air strain increases inside the mattress in the course of the inflation course of.

After opening the valve Let the mattress empty for a number of seconds, I used to be capable of roll it again up and put it in the bag in about 2.5 minutes. The mattress reliably compresses to its re-stored measurement and all the time matches back right into a bag with area to reserve.

  IMG 9116 "Width =" 1600 "Height =" 1200

The non-frills Therm-a-rest nozzle is straightforward to make use of and saves on weight, however doesn’t have a fast drain perform

The nozzle is situated within the upper right nook of UberLite. Putting the nozzles makes it easier to climb and provides somewhat air to your favorite strain. The most effective apply with UberLite is to start out at full strain and release just a little air at a time when the mattress is about. The positioning of the nozzle allows for technical bending with the intention to bend it to the mouth to refill it if you set the mattress, but I might never do this job. On a cold night time, the place the strain contained in the mattress fell, I needed to remove my body utterly to fill the desired strain.

Finishing Quality

  IMG 9117 "Width =" 1600 "Height =" 1084

The 15 denier nylon has a clean surface with a cushty feel, but can Liu & # 39; It’s much thinner than the "sticky" ending of the materials used within the NeoAir XLite and Xtherm pillows.

UberLite glued seams look like dependable and dependable and wouldn’t have any vital differences in high quality or methods in comparison with NeoAir XLite or XTherm.

Floor material is satin, but exposed to bare skin in a single day is more likely to be uncomfortable. The UberLite and the accompanying sack are both darkish green-bluish grey. The shadow is tough to see around the camp in low mild, so I put a small sq. of brilliant orange ribbon on my stuff within the sack to keep away from in search of it.

Some users recognize the darkish shade, particularly those that did not need shiny yellow XLite. It’s a purely aesthetic selection and has no effect on the efficiency of this product.

Therm-a-Rest leaves its supplies worldwide however assembles its products in America.

  • Mild, particularly its measurement, thickness and luxury degree
  • Compact
  • Comparatively quiet material, especially when in comparison with mattresses utilizing ThermaCapture or different heat-reflective supplies
  • Heat sufficient to be used at temperatures close to freezing when not sleeping instantly in the snow
  • value ( can restrict warmth at frost temperatures and / or sleep nicely on cold, moist or snowy surfaces
  • Easy, no feather design (eg no cushion, body management discs, quick inflation / deflation) )
  • Flat material can slip on tent flooring
  • Skinny material (15 denier nylon) has not but confirmed to be a long-term use

Scroll right to see all columns.

[1965900] ] I have chosen to match UberLiteä sampling inflatable mattresses, weighing 15 ounces (425 grams) or much less, and symbolize a Therm-A-Rest, an enormous Agnes, Nemo, REI, Sea to Summit and Klymitin lightest air plates. All info is commonplace or standard-sized mattresses within the 20 x 72 measurement range.

Therm-a-Rest shaves primarily use 15 denier fabrics. Exped and NEMO mattresses use both 20 denier fabrics, whereas all desk mattresses use 30 denier materials. Clusters save weight through the use of skeleton design that does not retain full protection beneath the body. The result is a sleeping pad that simply can’t compete with others in evaluating the R-value or the sleep mode. Now that UberLite is as mild because the Klymit Inertia X frame, the benefit of the latter (weight saving) has been misplaced for a more fulfilling UberLite

With respect to the estimated R-value and weight ratio, UberLite is near the highest of the pack and is the very best of all underneath 11 ouncesWeighted Cushions

  IMG 8979 "Width =" 1600 "Height =" 1200

Therm-a-Rest NeoAir UberLite lacks features and warmth, however replaces it by saving weight and quantity. Is it value it? In all probability not for rookies, however for knowledgeable ultra mild hikers who need to shave some ounces… yes!

Is the introduction of Therm-a-Rest NeoAir UberLite a recreation changer? It might be, depending on the place you’re on the ultra-light journey, and what pillow you’re at present using.

Contemplate some highlights. NeoAir UberLite:

  • Gives extra consolation than a sealed plastic cartridge and comfort with other inflatable mattresses on this thickness range (2.5 inches).
  • Uses a reasonably quiet material, both of that are appreciated by you and the tent / camp guys, especially in case you are presently utilizing the famous NeoAir XLite.
  • Is the lightest normal measurement (20 x 72 inches) sleeping mat with this thickness and condensing to a smaller measurement than another on the 20 x 72 x market .

    The long-term consequences of those design selections usually are not yet clear. The upcoming hike season tells us so much about how UberLite uses long-term every day use. Definitely, many Therm-a-Rest users have found the quality of XLite and XTherm merchandise for the time, and it’s unlikely that a model with a fame for Cascade Designs (MSR's dad or mum firm, Therm-a-Rest, and Platypus) will introduce a new product with out thorough subject testing

    In case you are in search of an inflatable mattress everywhere that keeps you notably cozy and additional scorching throughout all seasons, this is not a crucial gear. Likewise, should you can store two to 4 ounces in the rest of the pack, think about a mattress with extra features and more heat. However if in case you have fallen in an oz recreation, UberLite can kick your base weight even further whereas holding you fairly snug.

    In case you are a heat sleeper who finds sweating at night time via something like NeoAir XLite or REI Flash, then UberLite can prevent much more ounces. When you sometimes bundle whereas sleeping on XTherm when the temperatures are frozen, don’t avoid UberLite!

    UberLite is a rigorously designed, applicable clothes selection and knowledge on which temperature ranges you possibly can deal with. but watch out for winter and winter circumstances. With a purely subjective remark, I discovered it to be much heat beneath shoulder circumstances slightly below freezing temperatures. In these situations, I used a 20 degree F value in my body and some additional layers.

    UberLite is extraordinarily exhausting to beat in high mileage crushing circumstances. Nothing in its comfort class is suitable with NeoAir UberLite's packaged measurement and weight. Because of this, it has earned a spot on a summer time tour and sees no cause to not embrace it within the shoulder.

     rsz bpl is recommended

    Really helpful

    The Therm -a-Rest NeoAir UberLite is presently the lightest and most packable sleeping mat with a thickness of at the least inches and a normal 20 × 72 footprint. It additionally has wonderful manufacturing qualities and quiet fabrics.

    UberLite permits heavy extremely mild to shave some ounces, but nonetheless get a superb night time's sleep. UberLite appeals to present NeoAir XLite and XTherm customers who are in search of a quieter sleep and lighter package deal, or Klymit Inertia X-Body customers who are uninterested in experiencing a cold night time simply to carry a sleeping pad on this weight class. In addition, UberLite is sensible for ultra-light hikers who’ve beforehand engaged in closed mobile mattresses and need to save extra weight and improve sleep comfort. If long-term customers report on the sturdiness found in different Therm-a-Rest inflatable mattresses, we might think about this score to be highly really helpful.

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