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Testing the rooms of the Muji Hotel, Ginza Tokyo

Muji Hotel Ginza Entrance

What to Keep at the Mujin Ginza Lodge

Once I heard that Muji Lodge Ginza was simply opening up for a deliberate trip to Japan, I couldn't resist the reservation for a pair of nights at the end of our vacation!

The Mujin Ginza place is definitely the first in their Japan and their first outdoors of China. The first two resorts are situated in Shenzhen and Beijing. The fashionable and trendy lodge of Muji reflects their minimalist design and gives a implausible brand experience and literally showroom for many house appliances.

Reserving Muji Lodge Ginza

Normally, I evaluation third-party websites before booking, as lodge charges might range fairly a bit. Nevertheless, the reservation is simply potential via Muji.

When booking, select the English-language choice in the prime right corner of the web site before you click on reservations, because Language Choice doesn’t look like obtainable when you’re on the booking page.

If you find yourself on the English reservation page, it’s quite self-evident. You’ll be able to see all out there room varieties for journey dates, and you may pay prematurely or pay at check-in. Do not be stunned if you do not see all obtainable rooms. Since the publication, they appear fairly busy for up to 6 months out.

The pictures on the reserving page will not be as useful as the rooms section Muji has added to the web site. Room illustrations are particularly useful for a better atmosphere in the room measurement and look – I'm unsure why they haven't added this info to the booking page.


The Muji Lodge is situated in Tokyo's porcelain district of Ginza, on the big Ginza retailer from sixth to 10th. On the floor flooring and under, there are buying and dining choices resembling Muji Diner, bakery, juice bar and ice cream counter.

I take pleasure in the neighborhood of Tokyo, which I had not spent a lot on earlier journeys, but I might not go out of the option to keep in the space once more. The world is full of designer outlets, many of which are the similar gadgets you should purchase in any huge metropolis. There are of course great eating places in Ginza, and there’s a free window for price range lodging. Ginza can also be near Tsukiji's market and is not removed from the new Toyosu fish market, so the Muji Lodge could be a handy base for early-morning markets.

  Muji Hotel Ginza Entrance

Lodge visitors can arrive at the entrance to the principal shop or at the entrance of the lodge behind the lodge in the typical time (photograph). Outdoors the store hours, there’s only a rear entry, and the use of lifts requires a key card. We weren’t aware of the unique entrance and bypassed about 400 consumers and tourists for entry to lifts and check-in.


Should you carry the lifts from the again, you will go on to the sign-in desk.

In all of its inns, Muji has sought to include regionally vital recycled supplies. Here, it is a 100-year-old wagon masking stones that create a putting foyer at the middle of the sign-in desk.

  Muji Hotel Ginza Check In   Muji Hotel Ginza Check In

The reception employees was courteous, cautious and thorough (which turned out to be a moderately sluggish check-in expertise). Most spoke English, albeit with various degrees of fluency.

We arrived about 20 minutes earlier than the official check-in at 3 pm. The employees did most of the check-in process and have been asked to take a seat and wait exactly 3 to get our key card. This appeared a bit foolish, as a result of I think that she was maid cleaning up the room at the last minute. Nevertheless it additionally appeared very Japanese, one of the cultural issues that shouldn’t be pushed back.

  Check-in Muji Hotel Ginza   Muji Hotel Ginza Check In

In addition to the key playing cards, we got a sheet that decided which room furniture might be taken house (not many). lavender or grapefruit oil, utilized in the room diffuser, and the omam-style appeal bag with emergency info and whistle in an earthquake.

Rooms of Muji Lodge Ginza

  Muji Hotel Ginza Rooms   Muji Hotel Ginza Rooms
  Muji Hotel Ginza Rooms   Muji Hotel Ginza Rooms

G in the room for the next two nights. Although not initially desired, it proved to be a superb strategy to examine rooms.

Sort room

  Muji Hotel Ginza Type E Room   Muji Hotel Ginza Type E Room

Each rooms have an extended, slender footprint with a toilet in the hallway at the entrance hall entrance and beds. the finish of the room subsequent to the home windows. The wide-angle lens stretched the perspective in some pictures, but it is actually lengthy and slender. Still, the rooms appeared fairly spacious for the Japanese lodge room; cozy however not cramped.

The minimalist strains of inns never really feel sterile or cold when included into "wood, stones and ground" and especially in heat forests.

Sort E room was larger of these two, almost 400 sq. meters. It has twin beds (a third mattress could be added for a triple occupancy) on a high tatami flooring and a small couch and work desk.

The room was snug for 2 individuals, though like all the smaller lodge rooms we had hassle discovering locations to open each suitcases. I not often absolutely wound up and pakastanut my bag, and I hope that more lodges would supply higher baggage (or even luggage racks at all!).

  Muji Hotel Ginza Type E Tatami Room   Muji Hotel Ginza Type E Tatami Room   Muji Hotel Ginza Mattresses   Muji Hotel Ginza Mattresses

Based on Japanese preferences, Muji's mattresses are very strict. Significantly stronger than my "very tight" mattress at house. This was a bit of adjustment, but high-quality for me, didn’t complain. Nevertheless, if you need a mushy mattress, this could possibly be a merchant. (Japan could be troublesome to discover a delicate mattress, however like the Ritz Carlton's luxury brands have usually softer mattresses, and I've heard good issues about the Prince-hotels).

  Muji Hotel Ginza Type E Room   Muji Hotel Ginza Type E Room   Muji Hotel Ginza Type E Room   Muji Hotel Ginza Type E Room

Bookcase is provided with many fantastic photograph books

  Muji Hotel Ginza Room Books   Muji Hotel Ginza Room Rooms

  Muji Hotel Ginza Type E Bathroom   Muji Hotel Ginza Type E Bathroom

Room E has a more snug toilet with separate rest room. This can be a conventional set up in Japan, but smaller lodge rooms and western lodges typically need to save area and combine them. I'm all the time glad to have the ability to discover them in separate rooms! The bathroom is absolutely outfitted with a sink.

  Muji Hotel Ginza Type E Bathroom Bathroom   Muji Hotel Ginza Type E Bathroom Bathroom

The toilet has a spacious bathe with bathtub. Also with my e-book plus, the counter provided a lot of room to spread lots of overpacked toiletries.

  Muji Hotel Ginza Type E Bathroom Bathroom   Muji Hotel Ginza Type E Bathroom Bathroom
  Muji Hotel Ginza View from the Room   Muji Hotel Ginza View from the Room

View from Room (7th Flooring) Flooring was not nothing superb, despite the fact that the views might be higher on the upper flooring.

Sort G Room

  Muji Hotel Ginza Type G Bunk Bed   Muji Hotel Ginza Type G Bunk Bed

Mujin Sort G bunk bed room has an identical footprint, however it is slightly smaller at about 269 square meters. You enter an extended hall with a wardrobe and a toilet to the proper, and the room opens to the full width behind.

  Muji Hotel Ginza Type G Bunk Bed   Muji Hotel Ginza Type G Bunk Bed

This room was smaller in measurement but has a bigger couch and seating space.

  Muji Hotel Ginza Type G Bunk Bed   Muji Hotel Ginza Type G Bunk Bed

  Muji Hotel Ginza Type G Bunk Bed   Muji Hotel Ginza Type G Bunk Bed

When Sort G Room Has No Separate Rest room The toilet has a second sink in the hallway. To be trustworthy, this was not notably helpful, and I might moderately have a luggage service right here.

  Muji Hotel Ginza Bathroom   Muji Hotel Ginza Bathroom

The toilet of sort G room is shared and has solely a shower with no tub. Still, the rest room and shower itself have been good and did not really feel tight.

  Muji Hotel Ginza Type G Desk   Muji Hotel Ginza Type Room Table

There’s also a work desk in the hallway. Barely more confined to the E-room, however absolutely useful.

  Muji Hotel Ginza Type G Bunk Bed   Muji Hotel Ginza Type G Bunk Bed

The bunk mattress concept might have been awkward however surprisingly properly carried out. Bunks feel snug but spacious, and the beds have been undoubtedly adults. The upper flooring is double and the bottom is about queen measurement. The steps have vast strips that are not too steep.

  Muji Hotel Ginza Type G Bunk Bed   Muji Hotel Ginza Type G Bunk Bed

  Muji Hotel Ginza Type G Bunk Bed   Muji Hotel Ginza Type G Bunk Bed

Like other rooms, lovely books are a big function. It was especially good to have the ability to pull a e-book from the cabinets whereas in mattress.

  Muji Hotel Ginza Type G Bunk Bed   Muji Hotel Ginza Type G Bunk Bed

  Muji Hotel Ginza Type G Bunk Bed   Muji Hotel Ginza Type G Bunk Bed   Muji Hotel Ginza Type G Bunk Bed   Muji Hotel Ginza Type G Bunk Bed   Muji Hotel Ginza Type G Bunk Bed   Muji Hotel Ginza Type G Bunk Bed   Muji Hotel Ginza Room Control Tablet

All rooms have surveillance tablets to assist You possibly can regulate AC energy and lights, open and shut the blackout curtain and request service.

  Muji Hotel Ginza Bedside Light Controls   Muji Hotel Ginza Nightstand light guides

  Muji Hotel Ginza Room Closet   Muji Hotel Ginza Room Closet

Both rooms also have closets near the entrance with a lot of space for storing , in addition to some primary facilities. Pajamas materials felt terrible, like an affordable nylon parachute. I didn't attempt them.


  Muji Hotel Ginza WA Restaurant   Muji Hotel Ginza WA Restaurant

6. on the floor flooring, each side of the table are Mujin WA Restaurant and Salon, a bar serving espresso and cocktails.

I didn't attempt WA or Muji Diner throughout my go to. Although we might have favored to attempt the diner, there was already a line once we arrived near the opening hours, and it simply appeared to be ready. You could have a lot better food with all of Tokyo. In case you're in a rush and it's not busy, attempt them out, nevertheless it's a bit of irritating to compete with the meals of inns with purchasing and vacationers.

  Muji Hotel Ginza Salon Bar   Muji Hotel Ginza Salon Bar

We did one night time at Salon when the store was closed. It is open till 2am and considerably less crowded later in the night. The drinks weren’t pleasant for this cocktail snob, however they have been a superb and thoughtful service.

  Muji Hotel Ginza Drinks at the Salon Bar   Muji Hotel Ginza Drinks at the Salon Bar

  Muji Hotel Ginza Salon Bar   Muji Hotel Ginza Salon Bar   Library of Muji Hotel Ginza   Library of Muji Hotel Ginza

] I'm unsure you possibly can take the books back to your room, but there are 500 books in the Muji Library in the foyer, specializing in "Japanese Views" in several languages.

  Muji Hotel Ginza Books   Muji Hotel Ginza Books   Muji Diner   Muji Diner   Muji Diner


<img data-lazy-type="image" src="" alt=" Muji Lodge Ginza Providers

  Muji Hotel Ginza Services

The rooms have all the Muji products that they will meet, though apparently very few products are free at house.

  Muji Hotel Ginza Amenities   Muji Hotel Ginza Amenities

The loos have toothbrushes and toothpaste, combs, razors, lotion and toner, q-tips and cotton pads. The Muji brand shampoo, conditioner and physique wash in the bathe was a pleasing citrus scent. I chosen during the scents they usually have a really sensitive pores and skin, however these handed the check!

  Muji Hotel Ginza Amenities   Muji Hotel Ginza Amenities

Upon check-in, you may be requested to decide on the fragrance of important oil for the famous Muji Aroma Diffuser in your room. I went to a grapefruit. I'm not a fan of perfumes basically, I wasn't positive if I might lastly have a headache, but I attempted. The scent was natural and delicate, and I can see why the diffuser is so hyped.

  Muji Hotel Ginza Amenities   Muji Hotel Ginza Amenities

One other cool Muji product in each our rooms was a big air purifier. We use an air cleaner at residence, both during allergens and white noise during sleep. I do know some individuals need to whisper a quiet fan, however I beloved the undeniable fact that Mujin's air air purifier could be turned to a relatively onerous fan degree.

  Muji Hotel Ginza Amenities   Muji Hotel Ginza Amenities

Rooms also embrace a flat-screen TV, protected, slippers, kettle, mini fridge with free water and Mujin jasmine, espresso and tea, and small packages of nuts or candies. WiFi is quick and free, and I appreciated the wealthy 4 bottles of water and tea.

  Muji Hotel Ginza Amenities   Muji Hotel Ginza Amenities

Late night time munche had merchandising machines with Mujin drinks and snacks (plus some random gadgets like men's lingerie!) Out of the foyer.

  Muji Hotel Ginza Vending Machines   Muji Hotel Ginza Vending Machines

Though I typically had some problem speaking, I had no service problems during my keep. English language potential Receptionist various, and I appear to throw them for a loop once I asked for ice kipeälle era (later I found that I might get it myself next to the vending machine). The employees was well mannered, but felt embarrassed, so it took about 10 minutes to elucidate my request to the totally different employees and wait in the lobby – however I acquired my bag of ice.

Once we checked in, they have been clearly busy, and once more they couldn't trust a longer conversation in English. Nevertheless, a brief orientation to the lodge would have been nice. They defined the entrance to the lodge, but did not explain the place the vending machines and the smoking space outdoors (I didn’t smoke, however they didn’t know) have been hidden, our eating amenities, and so forth. [19659006] Since we booked two totally different room varieties for our holiday, we had to change rooms after the first night time. They made this very straightforward. Though we needed to "check" by the standard 11 o'clock, we don't have to worry about storing baggage. The reception employees urged us to go away the luggage in our room and transfer them to the new room when it was finished. Once we returned that day late in the afternoon, we have been capable of decide up our new keycards on the desk and our baggage was waiting for us in the new room.

Common Impressions

We enjoyed our stay at Muji Lodge Ginza, and little question the Loyalists of the Muji model will find much more love right here.

The Ginza neighborhood just isn’t busy to return to, however room costs have been affordable in the area. The rooms have been clean, snug and engaging and elegantly combined with trendy and conventional Japanese aesthetics. Despite the reality that you’ve opened again, you’ll be able to see the beginning of the wear of some room materials, so I’m wondering how the rooms will see a yr or two.

Muji fans can again feel totally different, however the attraction of the lodge / retailer combination is quick. Quiet rooms and the typically overwhelming crowds of the store have a robust distinction. There are not any different resorts the place clients face quite a bit of competitors from other tourists as they only try to catch up shortly in the morning of the croissant. I want to see that Muji serves its service and presents lodge servants a precedence in their eating places, and may order room service or order a bakery and juice bar.