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Sri Lanka Ayurveda – Natural Medical Travel Guide Info Sri Lanka

Ayurveda Treatment in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka's Ayurvedic Herbal Drugs Guide to Sri Lanka for a medical traveler for pure herbal remedies.

Ayurveda means "Vedas" (science), which teaches us the time of "Aushan", which continues to be one life. It is often divided into two elements, specifically Kaya Thantraya for the remedy of natural medicines and Shalya tantra (remedy of the illness by surgical procedures)


The History of Sri Lanka in Ayurveda!

”Dhanwanthari & # 39; Rishi Has Found Kaya Thantrayan” – Bharadwaj & # 39; Rishi has found St. Wiseman and Shalya Tantra (saintly Wiseman). The primary ebook, written for Ayurveda, known as Charaka Samhita. It was written by Charaka “Muni” (exceptional psychic, saintly Wiseman).

In a guide on surgical procedures in Ayurveda, there was "Sushruta Samhita." It was written by Sushruta "muni" (exceptional, psychic, saintly Wiseman).

Ayurvedic Remedy Models in Sri Lanka

In Sri Lanka, Ayurvedic Physical Illness remedies are available eight sections.

  • Remedy 0f Childhood Illnesses
    Remedy of Female Illnesses Toxic Snake
    Giving Recuperative Drugs
    Offering Remedy for Rejuvenation of the Physique
    Psychological Issues
    Major Illnesses
    Illnesses that have been presupposed to be brought on by malignant sicknesses referred to as sicknesses
    "Shanthi karma" (rituals carried out with the help of "mantra" – the phrase power)

So what turns into obvious, Ayurveda shouldn’t be taken significantly because of some occasional remedy with medicinal herbs. As an alternative, it had developed in historic Sri Lanka earlier than many civilizations have been born. It’s true that its historical past dates back to prehistoric occasions, when many clever men named Iris and & # 39; Munin's life to work for the nicely-being of mankind in the improvement of Ayurvedic remedy in Sri Lanka.

So, SriLanka, which has had a variety of influences from the nearby Asian continent, has inherited Sri Lanka's Ayurveda from historic nations resembling historic India, China, Thailand and the Center East.

Sri Lanka Ayurveda and its current remedies! In Sri Lanka, numerous illnesses are successfully handled with ayurvedic drugs, and its effectiveness has been so impressive that it has typically made Western docs stunned. And it’s because some illnesses which were declared incurable have miraculously healed from Ayurvedic remedy by Ayurveda docs or "Vedamahathayas" and "Vedanahath" (female and male docs of indigenous peoples).

Some specialty medicines in Ayurveda in Sri Lanka are:

Paralysis, arthritis, hypertension, bladder-related illnesses
Gastritis, piles, skin illnesses, mucosal illnesses, glaucoma
Scoliosis, ldl cholesterol, weight problems, myopathy, osteoporosis [19459012
Most cancers.

It additionally carries out a beauty tradition and its panchakarma remedy with natural drugs has gained its Ayurveda advert of Sri Lanka as unique as we absorb in the present day's world. I've informed you numerous Ayurveda and the origin of Ayurveda in Sri Lanka. I feel that I have turn out to be an important part. Now’s the time to introduce two "Vedanonas" (indigenous ladies docs).

Natural Drugs, Sri Lanka Ayurveda. Dr. R.G.M Swarnamali?

I need to introduce you to Dr. R.G.M Swarnamal from the properly-recognized place in Chilaw, Sri Lanka. Because he has an distinctive capacity to treat numerous illnesses, he has turn out to be a properly-recognized Sutt Lanka in the Puttalami area. She has had expertise of ayurvedic remedy for over twenty years

Sri Lanka Ayurvedic Spezelized Treatmnets!

He treats you in the event you endure from piles, head illnesses, spinal illnesses, weight problems, skin illnesses, jaundice

. ] DR. to Provide Medical Care in Chilaw. Nevertheless, he’s recognized for the magical "panchakarma" – Ayurvedic pure medical massage in Sri Lanka, he manages natural oil. When requested about his greatest "panchakarma", he advised me that he has now developed a regionally produced oil therapeutic massage remedy to handle piles recognized to be bothersome for both women and men.

He’s also an skilled in complications; he carries out remedy with Sudarakarma, which is the primary massage containing herbal oil. He was confident about how successfully he might help patients with melancholy

. I recommend that if you find yourself in Sri Lanka, you’re just making an attempt to care at a Chilaw's House Care Middle.

Sri Lanka Ayurveda SPA with Natural Drugs!

Her spa remedy could be very suitable for numerous spinal illnesses. He also cares for obesity and terminal cirrhosis. Her husband can also be a "Wedamahatha", an indigenous physician. He’s Dr D.H.C Thilakarathna. He is a properly-recognized Desheeya Chikitsa practitioner, who is actually the medical apply of the indigenous individuals of Sri Lanka.

She is an skilled in fractures and abnormalities. In addition to, he additionally cares for rabies in a singular method

So why don't you attempt these ayurvedic specialists who are hiding from outdoors and get your personal expertise of remedy effectiveness.

Tackle: 97/33 Kurunegala Rd,
Sedauyana, Chilaw
Sri Lanka
E mail:

Ayurveda Dr A. Kamani De Silva from Sri Lanka!

My next introduction to you is another "Wedahamine", an indigenous female physician. He is nothing however A. Kamani De Silva's "Weda Hamine". He is additionally a extremely qualified ayurvedic doctor. She is particularly essential for her heredity, which is the era of her family's indigenous docs.

So he inherited the good secrets and techniques of natural medicines for paralysis. His father, who is just not alive, was recognized all over Sri Lanka as Thoduwawa Wedamahaththaya. He has created the legacy of the previous secret remedy of his father's era, and undoubtedly his apply is filled with the secrets and techniques of his ancestors associated with deadly stroke.

Specialized Remedies for Dr. A. Kamani by Ayurveda, Sri Lanka [19659004] The doctor deals with all types of physical incapacity referred to as stroke by this deadly illness. Then again, the numbness of the palms and ft, the inevitability of the limbs, eating or paralysis because of the danger of paralysis brought on by paralysis, the mouth will rotate because of the sickness, the lack to open eyes, the lack to open. Half of the face and stopping speech are deadly signs of paralysis.

Dr. Kaman has a particular present to recognize the history, cause, and correct location of "Roga Nidhana" – faulty nerves within the body. He can really feel the heart beat and recognize it simply. He has stunned many overseas sufferers as their disease is recognized regionally with the help of sufferers' Nadi heart pulse.

These kind of expertise have inherited from his ancestors. In other words; he is a dwelling scanner. Asked whether he resorted to any "mantra" – a word into pressure, which he smiled, and stated: "Sir, I am a Christian, and I pray only – I never engaged in" mantra "- spells. My Father Thoduwawa & # 39; Wedamahatha & # 39; – Thoduwawan Indigenous Physician – taught me the heart beat.

When you’ve got had a stroke if in case you have been handled in the West for nothing, why not attempt Dr. Kamani De Silva right here in Sri Lanka

Ayurveda Dr. A. Kamani of Sri Lanka

which his ancestors gave him. Ayurvedic Docs in Sri Lanka

Ayurveda Vegetable Oil in Sri Lanka

He manages ornaments and herbal oils for treating paralytic. He has some special oils for strain. This oil is claimed to cause miracles to sufferers who are motionless because of the illness by administering it to the tongue. Look and see!

This oil wonderfully breaks down blood clots, venous bleeding. This oil not only heals the affected person but in addition stops hypertension. He’s stated to be the only indigenous doctor to treat hypertension.

His oils are the property of ayurvedic era. Patients with paralysis are given full oil remedy to regenerate and restore regular or damaged nerves. also treats cirrhosis. Dr handles it somewhat with a syringe and alloys. He offers with ailments associated with fatty liver and arthritis. He additionally deals with weight problems. He is additionally an professional in glaucoma – as a result of he makes use of oils and herbal mixtures and glaucoma, for which he treats the western drugs real and once endlessly.

Ayurveda Remedy in Sri Lanka

She may give an effective herbal drugs for infertility in ladies and she or he also provides a dose for rejuvenation. They’re fashionable amongst overseas sufferers who come to her care.

She is sort of an professional in sciatica. Then comes a inflexible neck. He has handled them so shortly that patients who have had neck collars have been treated wonderfully. When he was asked once extra whether he had used magic, he smiled and stated, & # 39; I deal with my patients my information of the key yrtteistä and herbal blends and natural oils that God has given us, because I am a Christian who is my ydinni bones. ”

There are particular Ayurvedic remedies for foreigners underneath the world.

So my pricey pals, you who consider within the fantastic curing results of Ayurvedic drugs in Sri Lanka, should hear him here in Sri Lanka.

Tackle: New Town Madampe, Sri Lanka
Telephone: 0771564755
No; 1485 Colombo Rd
Katunayaka (in front of IOC) Filling station) A two-storey building.

Remedy of Sri Lanka Most cancers in Ayurveda Remedy in Sri Lanka

Ayurveda Plantation Villa in Kalutara has one place the place they treat cancer. They’ve a big ayurvedic physician who’s involved in ongoing analysis to develop effective cures for cancer.
One such exceptional is Dr. Nishan Jayasundara. He is a serious member of the Sri Lanka National Ayurveda Analysis Institute and the Division of Ayurvedic Pharmacology and Pharmacy in Sri Lanka at the Sri Lankan Indigenous Medical Institute. He also served as a nurse for the nationwide Ayurveda educating hospital.

Ayurvedic Cancer Remedies in Sri Lanka – 1!

Dr. could be very skilled in the remedy of most cancers. He’s the chief of the Ayurvedic medical group who develops virtually all anti-most cancers medicine.

The Ayurveda plantation has a welcome environment for cancer patients. Everybody out there helps the sufferers to get the peace of mind that is essential for the recovery of most cancers as a result of they experience trauma when docs know they’ve grow to be most cancers sufferers. Uncommon herbs are used for remedy, because of ongoing research on finding effective and lasting cures to deal with this terrible most cancers.

Dr. Hapugoda is one other Ayurveda doctor who cares for cancer and has just lately found a new efficient remedy for most cancers. It stated that his remedy didn’t make the affected person unreasonable quantities of money, resembling in western care. Contact us at 0755559229, 0727300666, 0776300666. The office is situated in Kandy, Sri Lanka.

Ayurveda most cancers remedy in Sri Lanka -2!

One other place the place cancer is treated in Sri Lanka is Pulasthi Ayurvedic – 0718285605 / 0778985757.
The specialist physician is Dr. Vajirajeewa. This medical middle is situated in Dandubendirup, Dewahuwa, Galewela, Sri Lanka. He additionally works at Jeewaka Weda Madura, 181/6 in Mahinda, Jayasinghe Mawatha, Kirillawala, Kadawath, Sri Lanka. E mail:

Ayurveda Most cancers Hospital in Sri Lanka – 3

There’s another Ayurvedic physician who cares for cancer in Sri Lanka at the Home of Tons Villa Ayurveda. His identify is Dr. Okay.P.D. Nimal Jayathilaka. Just sign up at
Hotline +94912264082
Handle: Ayurveda Lanka Hospital (Pvt), 162/19 Wathuregama, Ahungalla, Sri Lanka

Ayurveda Lodging in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Ayurveda mangrove Villa Resort
Hotline: +94772914325
E mail:

The Unknown Fact of Sri Lanka in Sri Lanka!

If I say these ayurvedic docs are the one ones training most cancers remedy in Sri Lanka can be improper. Many other indigenous docs carry out the unknown to the world, however they are only recognized to the individuals of the group. In case you are visiting Sri Lanka, you possibly can seek the advice of them, however the ones I've talked about on this weblog, are one of the best recognized indigenous practitioners who cope with deadly illnesses.

Listing of lengthy-time period care from Ayurveda hospitals in Sri Lanka!

Ayurvedic Hospitals in Sri Lanka Caring for Local and Overseas Sufferers

Siddhalepa Ayurvedic Hospital Dehiwala-Mount Lavinia
Ayurveda Wedagedara (Pvt) ltd
Spa – Kandy – 0770115190

Listing Sri Lanka's Ayurvedic Docs and Remedy for Ayurveda Maha Gedara. Record of remedies reminiscent of Panchakarma Remedy (Massage) to overcome health imbalances and impure vitality

  • Dr. Kalpana Ratiyala – Ayurvedic Doctor
  • Dr. Achala Herath – Ayurvedic Doctor
  • Dr. Nuwan Chinthaka – Ayurvedic Physician
  • Dr. Sumudu Perera – Ayurvedic Physician
  • Dr. Ruchira Ramoshi – Resident Ayurveda Doctor

E-mail: hamgebiz
Tel: +94345555000

Greatest Locations to Care in Sri Lanka!

Balancing, healing and rejuvenating Sri Lanka Hanwella Ayurveda

Listing of Ayurvedic remedies at Sri Lanka in a hospital

  • Scoliosis
    Rheumatoid arthritis
    Minimize plate
    Disc burge
    Disc Burge
    Bone shoulder
    blood strain
    Men's infertility
    All nerves weaknesses
    All kinds of

Branches of Ayurveda Hospital in Sri Lanka

Sufferers can contact Horiwila Ayurveda – Ambalangoda

# 06 Horiwila Weda Gedara,
Kularathna Cross Street,
Tel: + 94776573652 / +94776573652 / +94776578908
Ho riwila Ayuruveda – Maharagama
22/282 station avenue wattegedara intersection Nawinna, Maharagama
Tel. +94776573652 / +94776578908

Absolute Sri Lanka Ayurveda Presents Good Ayurvedic Remedies!

Chief Government Officer is Dr. Danister Perera
Phone: +9411257781.

Ayurvedic Sri Lanka Remedies at Jetwing Ayurveda Pavilions
] Tel: +94312275 / +94812273253
E-mail: res

Ayurveda Remedy Middle in Sri Lanka – Habarana.

Tel: +4747353820
E-mail: [19659046] Attempt the pure healing in Ayurveda immediately in Sri Lanka!

So, pricey reader, we now have given you a comprehensive and detailed account of the wonders of Ayurveda in Sri Lanka. We've been informed by some veteran practitioners. But there might indeed be many other practitioners who make secret providers in Sri Lanka. Along with properly-recognized indigenous docs I have drawn my consideration to two nicely-recognized (regionally) of girls of indigenous medical advice. Try to expertise the accuracy of this info. We now have also offered information about properly-recognized Ayurvedic spas, recognized to many vacationers, for herbal remedies and baths. Okay then, good luck and goodbye!

Ayurveda native tour operator in Sri Lanka is ready to provide info for individual needs

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Greatest Lodge in Sri Lanka

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