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Salar de Uyuni & more of the most spectacular scenery in Bolivia in 3 days

Salar de Uyun Tickets

Once you see the reflective photographs of Salar de Uyun, it’s exhausting to consider that you simply look somewhere on earth. Bolivia's famous salt houses are undoubtedly the largest backpackers, however this is not the only pure marvel the country gives. Colourful lagoons, unusual rock formations and wildlife hoards mean that there’s a lot more to Bolivia than salt.

South American Backpacker Ambassadors Sheree and Tim went to explore Uyun and surrounding areas at Altitude Alliance Journey.

  Salar de Uyun Tickets Salar de Uyuni is Bolivia's Most In style Attraction


Prequel ” width=”1020″ peak=”574″ data-lazy- data-lazy- data-jpibfi-post-excerpt=”The Salt Flats at Salar de Uyuni are world famous. Sheree and Tim spent 3 days of tranquility & incredible landscapes in the area with no crowds. Find out how!” data-jpibfi-post-url=”” data-jpibfi-post-title=”Am I Dreaming? – Exploring Salar de Uyuni and Bolivia’s Most Astonishing Landscapes!” data-jpibfi-src=”” data-lazy-src=””/>  The Prequel <img class="size-large wp-image-10315" src="" alt=" Tim and I had simply arrived at the La Paz bus terminal. It was close to 10 pm and our bus to Uyun would soon go. When the native buses considered the previous, we had been at night time for a very long time.

Nevertheless, once we showed our flag to some of our employees, we have been pleasantly stunned (and relieved) to steer a premium coach. Once we found our place and turned back to a really snug place, the English-speaking concierge brought spherical fleecy blankets, neck cushions and informed us about the dinner we have been on.

We fried hen, vegetables and rice on a scorching meal earlier than we landed on our seats for the night time. At this point, the concierge collected the meals containers and brought the WiFi password! As all vacationers know, lots of buses are advertised with free WiFi, but very few supply. The connection was wonderful and twenty minutes after social media reached, I used to be capable of sleep deeply and comfortably.

Earlier than I knew it, we had arrived in Uyun and left to collect things. It's not fairly often sleeping at night time by bus, which just exhibits how distinctive this was!

  Vicuñas   Vicuñas We hope to see so much of wildlife on the means and that we were not disillusioned!

Day 1 – Salar de Uyuni (Bolivian Salt Rooms)

We have been a welcome bus-friendly lady with our identify. It was very early, and I was glad to note that we weren’t going to kill four hours before the tour strolling round the metropolis.

He led us to a close-by cafe with WiFi and a free rest room (a rarity in Bolivia). Right here we might take pleasure in a complimentary breakfast served on the bus or select one thing scorching in the cafe.

We spent a number of hours consuming, shopping the Web and the most well-known attraction in Bolivia.

When the driver had met in a café, he took us to the Uyun native market to purchase water and snacks the subsequent day. At 10.00 we met our traveler and guide, Hector. We had 5 of us and Hector will ship a tour in both Spanish and English. Once they have been welcomed, we used to wait 4 × four.

The first stop was the Uyun Practice Cemetery. Areas around the metropolis have been found to be wealthy in minerals, and the railway line was constructed to be transported across the nation.

  Abandoned Practice at Uyun Practice Cemetery   Abandoned Practice at Uyun Practice Cemetery The Uyun Practice Cemetery was still regardless of crowds

. They have been left on the outskirts of Uyun, forming a large practice cemetery.

We walked round the area and watched as other passengers boarded the previous trains. Although there were many other teams, the area was large enough to walk to quieter areas to get good pictures. Regardless of the urgency of the practice cemetery, it was also terribly nervous in locations.

After leaving the practice from the cemetery, we continued with the Colchan group and discovered how the locals cope with the salt collected from Salari. This gave us an fascinating picture of the work executed to unfold the salt to other Bolivia.

There were streams of craftsmen in the similar village the place you should purchase every part from alpaka to plastic dinosaurs for these enjoyable footage of Uyun. We spent about twenty minutes settling in these booths earlier than we guess back to 4 × four to get to the salt rooms.

When the silhouette blurred and the earth turned white, it turned out that we have been crossing the large plateau of Salar de Uyun. It felt like we have been driving until the lodge where we have been eating lunch was visible. It was a shock in itself, the entire place was made of salty bricks!

  Salt Lodge Inside Design, Salar de Uyuni Bolivia Salt Flats   Salt Lodge Decor, Salar de Uyuni Bolivia Salt Flats Lunch consuming in the salt brick restaurant was actually cool!

The inside was surreal, outfitted with salt chairs, tables and partitions. We had not been sitting for a very long time once we had an in depth buffet lunch with quinoa, lettuce, lama meat and combined greens. We ate until we crammed in before we might really explore the salt rooms.

After seeing how the restaurant was anxious, I felt just a little frightened about our pictures. Salt houses are, of course, an Instagrammers dream, and I didn't want different individuals to mill the scum in the background of the pictures.

I don't have to fret. We drove about 15 minutes before the first cease, for infrequent stairs that act as a perspective. Here I really realized the extent of this natural marvel. Salar de Uyuni covers a spectacular 10,582 square kilometers. This is higher than the second largest province in the UK!

Luckily for us, driver Jimmy and Information Hector knew all the greatest locations to get footage. Once we went to the end of the rainy season, we have been completely satisfied that there was surface water in the country. This meant that we might see the reflection of the lovely sky, which in flip closed the horizon line.

  A perspective view of Salar de Uyun   A perspective view of Salar de Uyun Hector and Jimmy have been nice to help us get fun pictures!

The water was surprisingly deep so I was very grateful for the boots we had! We acquired some nice photographs and we have been all very excited to finish up in a drier salt for enjoyable photographs.

As a result of Salar de Uyuni is so clean, it is a tremendous place to get cheated with perspective photographs. Our group all tousled, describing the enjoyable videos that went out of the massive monsters in the Pringle cans and got here out of the hats! Each Hector and Jimmy have been great to assist us all get the greatest photographs to remember the day.

Once we began dropping the sun, we went in the direction of another wet half of salt rooms with some sundown pictures. I couldn't consider how successful these photographs have been, and how unimaginable the sky appeared enlightened. It was a very particular experience that I will always remember.

Title for Salt Houses Independently? For more info, see our Automotive Rental and Exploring Bolivian Salt Layers And not using a Tour.

  Silhouette of the writer at sundown, Bolivia salt rooms, Salares de Uyuni   Silhouette of the writer at sunset, Bolivian salt rooms, Salares de Uyuni Sunset in a salt condo was one of my highlights.

After an extended and tiring day, we went again to Uyun for dinner. We took some local dishes that have been scrumptious before going back to the lodge. Although the plan had been to remain at a salt lodge, it was sadly utterly reserved. Nevertheless, this does not matter, the rooms delivered in the backup area have been clean and spacious, to not point out very snug!

Day 2 – Eduardo Avaroa Nationwide Reserve

We joined Hector early and made our strategy to breakfast. After we received stuffed sausage, eggs, bread and jam we took our place to 4 × 4. Hector advised us that the day would consist of so much of time with a brand new driver once we went a couple of hours from Laguna Colorado.

Once we drove out of Uyun, I took the sights of the surrounding landscape until I needed to sleep. Earlier than I knew it, Hector informed us that we had reached our first stop: Rock Valley. He explained that this panorama had created volcanic eruptions tens of millions of years in the past.

  Medicinal plant near Uyun, Bolivia   Medicinal plant close to Uyun, Bolivia This medicinal plant is about 1000 years previous!

spent about twenty minutes exploring the area and climbing into rock formations. The view was beautiful. Hector additionally informed us that this place was a favorite of Viscachas (small rabbits with tails), so we appreciated them too.

The terrain was dry and dry, which proves to be unbelievable for plant species. These crops grow very slowly and are subsequently protected by the state.

The day was a dream of hen watchers. We visited an entire bunch of lagoons who introduced three totally different flamingos! Surprisingly, they all seemed very totally different, and each lagoon allowed us to see them nearer.

Close to one of these locations, we stopped the buffet lunch with hen, rice and combined greens. The food was scrumptious and here we have been lucky enough to see the first Viscacha on our journey! After lunch, Hector informed us that we’re heading in the direction of the well-known stone tree situated in the Eduardo Avaro Nationwide Reserve.

At the time we arrived on the stone, the climate had changed and the snow fell in the air. It was bitterly chilly, so we listened to Hector's rationalization of the weather resistance of the stones.

  Bolivian Stone Tree   Bolivian Stone Tree Bolivia's famous stone tree is sure to be seen!

One thing I liked about this tour was the flexibility that was given to us over time. If it was chilly, we might head off earlier and in addition make planned stops for photographs.

Once we drove out of the sinister black clouds, the sky was lightened and we went to Eduardo Avaro at the entrance to the Nationwide Park. Here we paid the entrance payment (150 bolivianos not included in the worth) and we acquired stamps for our passports!

We have now reached the highlight of the day: Laguna Colorada, also referred to as the pink lagoon. This place was incredibly lovely and we have been all shocked when Hector stated that the intensity of the purple colour changed based on the time of day.

Once you misplaced your self in an imposing lake, we went to the city to sleep. The primary lodging choice was full, so we obtained again to the line of selection. The hostel was very simple (had additional prices for showers and WiFi) however positive one night time. Right here we had dinner and have been even handled as a bottle of wine on the table!

  Laguna Colorada   Laguna Colorada Laguna Colorada was a phenomenal sight!

Once we had eaten, Hector referred to as us out for a brief walk and somewhat stargazing. That is an space that does not have the mild that this motion proved to be actual. It froze chilly but checked out the sky with respect when Hector pointed out the constellations was a perfect day.

Day 3 – Geysers and Laguna Negra

In the morning we began very early, getting up at about 4 am in the morning. We have been warned of the chilly climate, and we have been all related to every part we owned, grateful for the heat pancakes that had been delivered.

After breakfast, the group left the automotive chilly and Hector defined that we have been going to see some geysers. These are scorching springs where the water boils slightly below the floor. The strain rises and creates a steam jet that rises excessive in the air.

I used to be excited, but I nonetheless used a one-hour journey as a great alternative to get to sleep, which I had forgotten this morning. After a really brief time, Hector knowledgeable us that we had arrived at the website.

He warned us to remain near him and see where we put our ft. Visiting Geysers is dangerous and may be life-threatening when you fall in. Near Huddled and we listened when he defined how the geysers have been shaped.

  Individuals Surrounded by Geysers   Individuals Surrounding Geysers Listening to the formation of geysers was fascinating!

At an altitude of almost 5,000 meters, I used to be trembling with everybody else so we didn't stop the lengthy picture. As an alternative, we received back into the automotive and went to the local scorching springs to warm up.

The recent springs have been situated at the backside of the mountain and have been missed by the magnificent lagoon full of numerous birds. There have been 6 boliviano admissions per individual (not included in the worth) that was value it to warm up after a chilly begin.

After about an hour laughing in the water and watching, we went again to the automotive the place we traveled to Laguna Negra. Although we plan to go to Laguna Verde in response to the itinerary, Hector informed us that this lagoon won’t appear green earlier than the beginning of the afternoon, however we should always visit the website earlier in order to revive it in time. Laguna Negra is situated elsewhere, but in addition lovely, and she or he was positive there can be so much less individuals there.

We left the nationwide reserve and witnessed Bolivia's largest Borax mine on the method. This mineral is usually used as a preservative, in cosmetics and prescription drugs and in many different issues. Bolivia exports this mineral worldwide.

Once we did it on the Laguna Negra website, I was shocked to see any lagoon. I requested Hector the place it was, to which he replied, "It's hidden."

  The grassy panorama on a rocky mountain, Bolivia   The grassy panorama in a rocky mountain, Bolivia Looking for a hidden lagoon!

We drove to spongey soil, which had little operating present between each other and domestic flies. This lagoon was half of the Rock Valley, so the panorama was hanging although I still didn't see the lagoon.

Hector restricted some stones and urged us to comply with him. That's the place the lagoon appeared. Hector gave us some time to explore the area and climb the rocks whenever you defined something to us.

I swept the beauty of the area, I simply stored sitting on her aspect, watching the animals under and taking the peace of the place. It was really breathtaking.

When the time at Laguna Negra had handed, we went again to a automotive that may take us from the perspective of the Rocks Canyon. I took a sharp inspiration once I saw how high it was, however it wasn't okay, Tim overtook most of it with the greatest view.

San Cristobal's small town had one final stop. Here, Hector explained some of the metropolis's history and gave us time to go searching. The highlight of this metropolis was undoubtedly to climb the church bell tower!

Any further, the automotive continued its journey to Uyun, where we arrived at round 17.00. Tim and I have been dropped to the bus station where we have been knowledgeable that Jimmy (driver from day one) had organized our bus tickets for us.

Positive sufficient, he later turned to our tickets and alter to tell us what we would have liked to find out about our journey to Sucre. Though not part of the tour, we have been very impressed that Altitude employees had proven that we had a very good journey!

  Flamingo in the Lagoon Mountains   Flamingo in the Lagoon Mountains Eduardo Avaro The views of the National Park have been superb!

Bolivian Emphasis!

Though we might have seen salt rooms in the day tour, I was so grateful that Tim and I had the opportunity to make a full three-day various. The additional time meant that we were not busy during our time Salar de Uyunissa and we have been capable of witness perhaps the most spectacular sundown I have ever seen.

Earlier than this trip, and regardless of having already spent a month exploring Bolivia, I hadn't found out how geographically this nation is and that the three-day tour really did repeat this.

Of all the colourful lagoons, volcanoes, and rocky bare areas, the panorama by no means succeeded and sometimes left me in Bolivia. Both drivers have been skilled and certified, and I never felt dangerous, regardless that many of you have been desperately in want of equalization.

Although I don’t assume the information is 100% vital for this type of tour, there isn’t a doubt that Hector added a robust understanding of Bolivia's panorama and culture and we have been an excellent companion in three days.

Uyun excursions have so many horror stories that it is essential to go together with a dependable and dependable firm. I’m pleased to say that Altitude Alliance Travel was undoubtedly one of them and actually gave us a trip to remember!

Bolivia's current backpacking? Read more about our comprehensive travel guide!

  Sheree Hooker Bio Pic   Sheree Hooker Bio Pic

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