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Ask Me: Should I Hike or Backpack Alone in the Bear Country?

gray sow in Glacier National Park.


That is the query with which I struggled. Because of the timing of journeys, I typically find yourself climbing and backpacking alone. I take pleasure in it (and luxuriate in teams). Nevertheless, the end result has been that I have had a variety of bear and deer encounters which have left me a bit uncomfortable and feeling powerless in these situations. I have read of encounters with bears and I know technically what to do (noise and so forth.), but I typically uupannut all these tempput and observed nonetheless bears watching my path. What do you advocate I do – especially for the mountaineering solo?

It has made me more cautious these days – particularly I had deliberate to hike the Teton Crest Trail in September, received permission, and so forth., however I ended up on a day trip as an alternative (Cascade Canyon, Paintbrush Canyon). Those Day Journeys have been awesome and it was in all probability a better choice as the storms finally received to the ridge. But fact be informed, I truly made the choice a day journey as an alternative of reppun largely because I feel that I can do the whole lot that you simply technically want bear encounters in relation to, and I still feel powerlessness, when I have used all the tools and trick

dislike that feeling ( and I have had it a number of occasions), the place I have achieved all that I "should" do and it becomes subject to the bear's selection. He’s still watching me and eventually – fortuitously for me – each time the bear has determined to move in the different course.


Ann Arbor, MI

  sows gray-colored glacier in national park. sows greyscale in Glacier Nationwide Park.

Hi Dave,

Many individuals can respect these feelings, including me. I have made several trips alone and had a number of encounters with a bear alone and with companions, some of them shut. My pal and I had one encounter at Glacier National Park with a gray seed that had two puppies about 30 meters away, and it is extremely disturbing. (Mother and the chicks barely even seemed in the course; they weren't .)

Lately, on a 94-mile hike by means of the Glacier in September 2018, another good friend and I needed to watch for a griz that was grazing very near the path ahead of us. previous the bear. We blew without horns, nevertheless it had no effect on this bruise. We watched it about 200 yards from the meadow for nearly an hour before finally deciding to crash a wide arch round that part of the trail, causing all the noise, which labored – but lost a minimum of an hour of mountaineering.

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Grizzly Bear Above Lake Poia in Glacier Nationwide Park.

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Grizzly Bear above Lake Poia in Glacier Nationwide Park .

"data-medium-file =" "data-big-file = "" src = " "alt =" Grizzly bear above Lake Poia in Glacier National Park. "class =" wp-image-29201 "data-recalc-Dims =" 1 "/> Grizzly Bear Above Lake Poia in Glacier Nationwide Park.

The probabilities of a violent encounter are extremely low, but in fact the consequences are high and also you by no means know .

I've had numerous scenes with black bears the place I threw rocks to chase them (they have been all the time consuming food, not me). It might be a harmful response to gray bears. The deer could be dangerous, particularly throughout the fall rowing season, but each encounter there have been confrontations with one, though perhaps one or two have been fairly shut e.

You’ll find other sources of recommendations on how one can safely roam in the bear, and the remaining text here is Stephen Herrero's guide, "Bears' Attacks: Their Causes and Avoidance." Get the proper backpack on your adventure See my choice of "10 Best Backpack Kits"
and Greatest Extremely Mild Backpacks [19659017] Deer in Cascade Canyon, Grand Teton Nationwide Park. ” class=”wp-image-26904 jetpack-lazy-image” data-recalc-dims=”1″ data-lazy- data-lazy- data-lazy-src=”;ssl=1″ />  Elk in Cascade Canyon, Grand Teton Nationwide Park. Deer in Cascade Canyon, Grand Teton National Park.

Your query considerations the determination of whether to hold a backpack alone in the bear country, so I will inform you how I strategy this query.

I am considering in specific of the place and the probability that a bear or deer will encounter a hike alone. For instance, I saw moose tetoneissa at the least 3 times, all the time have enough distance and do not disturb them; but I don't keep in mind even seeing a bear there, despite the fact that the Tetons agglomeration was about 20 miles away (including some remote, off-road areas). I suspect as a result of the park has managed hikers and meals in the campgrounds and regular hiker and hiker visitors keeps the barren out of the trails.

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Given all this and regular human visitors in the Teton summer time (it narrows in September) and the proven fact that a lot of the terrain – particularly alongside the Teton Crest Path. —On the meadows or above the treehouse, with lengthy strains of sight, I contemplate Tetons to be a relatively protected park for somebody with the right ways to wade alone.

Nevertheless, I do not advocate doing solo backpacks, for example, in the Glacier, which is filled with black and grey bears and deer, or in many Alaska parks. Perhaps on the Olympic Mountains too, as a result of the focus of black bears and dense forest increases the probability of a shock, shut encounter. (I shot a lead image of a black bear at the prime of this story on the Olympic Mountains; it was alongside the route we have been down, not displaying aggression in the direction of us, but shifting quick.)

  A brown bear in Glacier Bay Nationwide Park, Alaska.   Brown bear in Glacier Bay Nationwide Park, Alaska. Brown bear in Glacier Bay Nationwide Park, Alaska.

As for particular, solo mountaineering methods, listed here are mine.

• Monthly planning is certainly planning to avoid climbing alone. I've completed it many occasions, however not often backpack with exclusive today, primarily because I plan my journey months in advance and it helps to seek out buddies and families who can be a part of me. (I choose receiving partners, and the extra I miss my family, when I'm alone, which makes it less fulfilling to me.)

• When I grizzlymaassa, this position all the time pepper spray. (Tip:.. Practice pulls muovilukitusklipsi most out of it, as a result of it is rather exhausting to assume straight once you see charging bear View additionally earlier than eradicating the bracket rigorously or take a photograph of the place so that you understand how to place it back in place, I noticed a pal's reversing it the wrong way up, which may permit him to by chance spread the mist when he collides.)

• I have an air telephone. (Small watches are ineffective – their noise doesn't go very far.) I have a few Falcon personal horns (so I may give one to a companion as properly). They are small, weighing just some ounces, straightforward to attach to a shoulder strap or belt, and really loud. (Don't point to someone and blow it up or shoot it near your face, it’s painfully loud.)

Though pepper spray is efficient only when the bear is about 15 to 20 ft, the environment can scare you. Bear from a distance or simply inform you that you are there. Sometimes, I give my blast as I walk by way of a dense forest or brush in a bear nation when I can't see far. While anecdotes (above) Glacier remedy, indicating that the horns will not be all the time efficient to threaten the bear to go away the area, I have learn of them work nicely, and it is so arduous and unnatural noise, that I consider it to be working typically – probably together with other giant animals, like deer.

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  Black bear in the north of the Bailey Vary, Olympic mountains.   black bear in the north of the bailey range, olympic mountains. black bear in the north of the Bailey Range, in the Olympic Mountains.

• Climbing in daylight, not too early in the morning or after sundown, you’re safer as a result of most animals are extra lively between dusk and dawn. protected storage of food in the camp also makes it safer, and I can really feel the more inclined to bear the karhukatteria, even if it isn’t wanted, when I'm alone. (See my favorite canister for essential backpacking gear critiques.)

• Think about whether you’re climbing in the wind or downwind – when shifting upwind, animals will detect your scent from a larger distance, whereas in the upwind, they’re unlikely to odor or hear you from afar. Additionally concentrate on environmental noise levels: a close-by exhausting river can drown out your noise, whereas a quiet setting allows the animals to hear you from a larger distance – and typically so you’ll be able to hear them.

• Whether alone or with companions, give your itinerary to someone you trust, in addition to the telephone number of your park station or native authorities, and ask them to report your disappearance if they have not heard from you within a day of ready on your trip.

• You might have a customized location key (PLB), comparable to Spot GPS Messenger, which allows you to give a signal for rescue. You can even use the Spot function to send a night message to someone at house to let them know you're okay. With PLB, you possibly can significantly scale back your rescue time if in case you have an emergency.

• Perhaps most importantly, ask the park guard alone or with companions about the location and particulars of current bear exercise, as it will probably inform you numerous about where climbing is comparatively protected and safe at any time. Bears are all the time on the move, and certain areas of the park are all the time more dangerous than other areas.

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It means all the things you can do about carrying an enormous gun – not allowed in some locations and heavy. Also, the handgun shouldn’t be going to stop the bear or the deer; the rifles used to kill them are of a excessive normal and one bullet is usually not sufficient. And Think about making an attempt to target and shoot a rifle near a bear at a cost of 30 mph.

I strongly suspect that pepper spray can be rather more efficient at close range: the spray spreads vast and virtually all the time turns the bear away. , when you can shoot and miss the gun or simply feed the bear more for those who hit it without really damaging it. From a distance, the shot can appeal to the bear, however I select the pepper spray and the air bag over the gun.

To my final listing merchandise, my brother Tom Seashore, who worked for about 10 years as a hunter in Yellowstone, provided these thoughts on this concern, and I assume his common advice applies to many places with grey or brown bears:

backpacking solo for many of Yellowstone (and virtually all the time alone) when I was a backcountry ranger, however the park has about 10-15% of where I would never go alone due to the grey bear focus (and these areas change from month to month depending on the bear's major vitamin sources). The challenge is that the Park Service provides you permission to hike virtually anyplace, so you must have plenty of expertise / native information for better information. Individuals should make sure you ask about current bear exercise or sightings in the space they intend to go to when making use of for permission. “

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In fact, my options do not utterly get rid of the danger of encountering hostile animals. But statistically, you're in all probability harm whenever you're mountaineering in the fall, whether or not alone or with companions, like having an encounter with animals. When I am alone, I assume rather more rigorously to avoid such an accident.

Nevertheless, in common, most animals – including the other one you didn't mention, the mountain lions – are detected by people long earlier than we are conscious of them, and we in all probability often never know how many animals are close by.

I keep in mind, a number of years in the past, after day trips with my family, when my youngsters have been pretty young on the Grinnell Glacier in Glacier Nationwide Park – a busy path with a gentle stream of day hikers – I ran into somebody camping in the area, Monet Glacier, who stated he was as we went about it. He stated he saw a dozen bears grazing peacefully on a really close route, however because of hikers who have been near vegetation, and the bears simply seemed to overlook individuals.

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– Michael Lanza

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