Akita Prefecture Akita「秋田」 Foreign media tour February 2017 Latest snow in Japan

Akita: Discover Snowy North Japan, a 2-day route plan

Inaniwa Udon: Outside Snow

Akita Prefecture, on the west coast, south of Japan, is filled with culture, history, pure magnificence and pleasant individuals. Since our flight from Tokyo to Akita landed, the countless snow-covered mountain range welcomed us to this prefecture. Akita Prefecture tourism officers met on the airport, and the 2-day whirlwind was about to begin. We obtained to see the snow around Akita town.

This text is an summary of 2 full days and 1 night time in Akita Prefecture. Comply with us on gathering up-to-date detailed Akita travel info for every visit.

Inaniwa Udon, Yuzawa City

We kindly welcome you to the Udon manufacturing unit for a tour. The tour was very informative when the workers have been really current by making udon, by going to their duties. After the tour I had a fun experience of creating udon myself! It was an fascinating experience and I really acquired in touch with Udon noodles. When the noodles have been stretched and left to dry, we got souvenir from Udon's slices. Then we went to the Udon Restaurant at the Uudon manufacturing unit, and we had a scrumptious Udon with tempura whereas watching the snow.

Canon EOS 6D (16mm, f / 11, 1/80 sec, ISO2000)
Inaniwa Udon: Outdoors Snow

<img class="size-full wp-image-7137" src="https://travelnoteschina.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/1547420241_571_akita-discover-snowy-north-japan-a-2-day-route-plan.jpg" alt=" Inaniwa Udon, Akita: Making Udon at the Manufacturing unit [19659006] Canon EOS 6D (16mm, f / 7.1, 1/60 s, ISO5000)
Inaniwa Udon, Akita: Making a Udon Manufacturing unit

  Inaniwa Udon: Lunch Set, Latest Udon Ever

Canon EOS 6D (50mm, f / 2.eight, 1/60 s, ISO500)
Inaniwa Udon: Lunch Set, The Freshest Udon Ever!

Sato Yosuke

Liked to stroll round this village. Cold and snow simply emphasized the expertise. We’ve entered a rustic warehouse, antique outlets and a small brewery. The previous fashion Japanese buildings with snow have been beautiful.

  Sato Yosuke: Historical Warehouse

Canon EOS 6D (50mm, f / 1.8, 1/80 sec, ISO125)
Sato Yosuke: Historical Warehouse

  Sato Yosuke: Historic Street

Canon EOS 6D (50mm, f / 1.eight, 1/1000 s, ISO100)
Sato Yosuke: Historic Road

  Sato Yosuke: The Famous Naka-Machi Hash Bridge

Canon EOS 6D (19mm, f / 8, 1/80 sec, ISO640)
Sato Yosuke: The Famous Naka-Machi Hash Bridge

  Sato Yosuke: Sake Brewer

Canon EOS 6D (26mm, f / 11, 1/60 s, ISO1600)
Sato Yosuke : Sake Brewery

Kamakura Pageant From Kido in Gorobei Village

Kamakura Pageant is an annual occasion that has been happening for a whole lot of years. The pageant is a smaller satellite pageant from the larger Yokote Kamakura pageant. Kamakura is just like Inuit Stone. An enthralling introduction to a camel that is much less populated by vacationers who’ve better access to the camel.

The exhibition was a traditional gown (including a stoic previous man with conventional snowshoes, a jacket and a hat) and a custom of welcoming visitors to the camel. Then he stepped into the normal previous house and sat around the hearth, having fun with the nice and cozy tea and snacks. Earlier than leaving, I'll look at the basics of this park, together with an previous sanctuary with connections to Kyoto's well-known Fushimi Inari Taishan

  Kamakura From Kido Gorobei Village (man in traditional clothes)

Canon EOS 6D (35mm, f / 4, 1/800 s , ISO100)
Kamakura Pageant in Kido Gorobei Village, Munich (Man in Traditional Clothing)

  Kamakura From Kido Gorobei Village (Inside Traditional Village)

Canon EOS 6D (16mm, f / 4, 1/80 sec, ISO5000)
Kamakura Pageant Minojon Kido Gorobei Village (Conventional Village)

  Kamakura From Kido Gorobei Village (Temple)

Canon EOS 6D (70mm, f / 11, 1/60 s, ISO5000)
Kamakura Pageant Minojon Kido Gorobei village (temple)

Yokote Kamakura Pageant

When the solar set, Kamakura came alive with lights, candles and other people. Across the metropolis, this was an unbiased day to see a number of the few tourist areas from Akita. The airport shuttle took us to Yokote Citadel, a magnificent night time scene with a small Kamakura in the foreground, and the fort returning in the background. I might have spent hours right here taking footage, watching the landscapes and people who loved camouflage – but we had to go back to town! On the best way we stopped a jiffy walk earlier than the town, and there were lots of of small camels on the river, each of which made native schoolchildren. Then we went again to city, I really like the passage of Japan as an alternative of getting visitors, we noticed a very distinctive camel along the best way. Back to the town we received a number of the last lights on some snowstorms (Totoro!) Before we played that night time and returned to the lodge.

  Yokote Kamakura Festival, Yokote Castle

Canon EOS 6D (20mm 18, 13 s, ISO800)
Yokote Kamakura Pageant, Yokote Fort

  Yokote Kamakura Festival, Yokote Streets

Canon EOS 6D (134mm, f / 2.8, 1/80 s, ISO1600)
Yokote Kamakura Pageant, Yokote Streets

  Yokote Kamakura Festival, Snow Shapes (Totoro and Sumo)

Canon EOS 6D (200mm , f / 11, 1/13 s, ISO6400)
Yokote Kamakura Pageant, Snow Shapes (Totoro and Sumo)

Akita City Market

The subsequent morning we acquired a practice to Akita. The first stop was the Akita market. Very authentic, full of colourful native produce, fruits, greens and crustaceans

  Akita City Market

Canon EOS 6D (35mm, f / eight, 1/80 s, ISO6400)
Akita Metropolis Market

  Akita City Market: Fresh Local Product

Canon EOS 6D (16mm, f / 9, 1/60 s, ISO400)
Akita City Market: Recent Native Merchandise The constructing's exterior and entrance have been full of unpolluted strains and curves. Genius and Creativity of the Subsequent Art Era of the Native Artists' Present

  Akita Art Museum: Entrance

Canon EOS 6D (28mm, f / 8, 1/80 s, ISO250)
Akita Art Museum: entrance

  Akita Art Museum : Student Library

Canon EOS 6D (16mm, f / eight, 1/10 s, ISO3200)
Akita Artwork Museum: University Scholar Gallery

Canon EOS 6D (16mm, f / 8, 1/200 sec, ISO100)
Akita Artwork Museum: Store

Neburi-Nagashi Corridor

I really like the Japanese native pageant tradition, the place many areas, a whole lot of years in the past, created their very own unique festivals. At Akita, the Kanto Pageant is a skillful exhibition of local neighbors who stability a giant variety of hanging lanterns on bamboo poles. Within the hall, the locals confirmed us their expertise, balancing these heavy poles of their palms, hips and heads! We even acquired a translation, and we handled the lightest pole of all of them, I might hardly stability one-handed bamboo hub! After an informative presentation, we walked across the hall and found a long tradition of the Kanto pageant. One in every of our travel guides presents the Taiko drum at this native pageant and gave us an introduction to his musical talent (and tried to show me how one can win the drum!).

<img class = "size-full wp-image-7168" src = "http://japantravelmate.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/19-Neburi-Nagash-Hall-kanto-festival- display.jpg "alt =" Neburi Nagashi Corridor: Kanto Pageant [19659043] Canon EOS 6D (16mm, f / 11, 1/13s, ISO3200)
Neburi Nagashi Hall: Kanto Pageant

  Don't Know Nagashi Hall: Kanto Festival Presentation

Canon EOS 6D (34mm, f / 4, 1/60 s, ISO2500)
Neburi Nagashi Hall: Presentation of the Kanto Pageant

  Neburi Nagashi Hall: Taiko Drum

Canon EOS 6D (35mm, f / four, 1/80 s, ISO400)
Neburi Nagashi Corridor: Taiko Drum

Akita Culture and Business Matsushita

We went into a large room which was lined with tatami carpets and a few easy organized low tables. i inform us that two maiko entertain us. Maiko, dressed in a magnificent kimono with positive makeup and hair, superbly danced and sang for us. After two rounds of singing and dancing, the guide then interpreted the inquiries to the little ones, and we discovered a lot concerning the revival of custom on this Akita City.

<img class = "size-full wp-image-7171" src = "http://japantravelmate.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/21-Akita-Cultural-and-Industrial-Facility- Matsushita-lunch.jpg "alt =" Akita Tradition and Business Matsushita: Japanese Lunch at Tatami Room EOS 6D (16mm, f / eight, 1/80 sec, ISO2000)
Akita Cultural Business and Business Matsushita: Japanese Lunch at Tatami Room

  Akita Cultural Industry and Industry: Premium Japanese Bento Lunch

Canon EOS 6D (16mm, f / 4, 1/60 s, ISO800)
Akita Tradition and Business Matsushita: Premium Japanese Bento Lunch

  Meeting in Akita Maiko

Canon EOS 6D (91mm, f / 2.eight, 1/200 sec, ISO1600)
Meeting in Akita Maiko

Takashimizu Sake Brewery, Kura Tour

Nice Brewery, We Started with Info Video ), explaining the manufacturing means of the nihons and the particular strategy Takashimizu takes to brew it. at the plant, we met at all levels of the nihonso brewery and have been capable of taste the untimely wealth immediately from the manufacturing unit. We completed all the brewer's nihons' tasting, it was so good that all of us purchased a bottle as a souvenir!

  Takashimizu Sake Brewery, Kura Tour

Canon EOS 6D (16mm, f / 11, 1 / 5s, ISO1600)
Takashimizu Sake Brewery, Kura Tour

  Takashimizu Sake-brewery

Canon EOS 6D (32mm, f / 4, 1/60 sec, ISO3200)
Takashimizu Sake brewery, Kura Tour

Kubota fort

Followers of this website will know that I’m a Japanese fort geek! Although we weren’t on tour, we went to Kubota Fort in Akita. The encompassing park and fortress areas have been beautiful within the snow. The primary gate of the fort was actually close to the foot as a result of there was a lot snow there!

  Kubota Castle, Akita City

Canon EOS 6D (26mm, f / 8, 1/60 s, ISO125)
Kubota Fort, Akita Metropolis

  Akitan Kubota Castle in the Snow

Canon EOS 6D ( 200mm, f / 2.8, 1/800 s, ISO100)
Akitan Kubota Snow in the Snow

Akita Airport

] Once I arrived at Akita Airport in the night, I ended the day with the award profitable Tazawako Alt Beer and a excellent airport meal.

  Akita Airport: Tazakawo Beer

LGE Nexus 5X (four.67mm, f / 2, 1/40 s, ISO199)
Akita Airport: Tazakawo Beer

After souvenirs – all the time humorous! – We took the ANA flight to Tokyo.

  Akita Dog Lucky Cookie

Canon EOS 6D (35mm, f / four, 1/60 sec, ISO400)
Akita Dog Fortunate Cookie

Akita is probably the most northerly place in Japan, which I have visited, and I want to return spring. But the snow was superb because he was an Australian who has seen solely a handful of snow when this part of the country was a fantastic nation within the white winter that has made me need to return!

I write in detail about several locations visited at Akita, so remember to comply with the Japanese ticket to see more about this particular part of Japan!

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