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A gorgeous place with a jungle in the desert!

4x4 Jeep Crossing Water

Santa Cruz could be a common space for backpackers, however that is not often a selection. The home of Bolivia's largest worldwide airport, with plenty of passengers, is often used as a point of contact for the city, relatively than an area value exploring.

What these backpackers have no idea if they really are missing out on some of Bolivia's most lovely landscapes. I want to have as a lot time as potential in Santa Cruz, my boyfriend Tim, and I acquired into the adventures of the responsible tour operator Nick to see what this area has to offer.

Lomas de Area

A few e-mails later and we organized a trip to Lomas de Area with Nick. Simply 25 km from Santa Cruz, this protected Savannah area presents 3,000 acres of sand dunes. This makes the place a superb place for sanding!

Along with the sand dunes, the forests encompass the desert and supply not only beautiful views of two ecosystems, but in addition implausible wildlife detection opportunities. In the surrounding areas, it’s potential to see monkeys, blocks and even villagers!

  4x4 Jeep Crossing Water Terrain was awkward, so we have been grateful to a qualified driver

Visiting Lomas de Area independently

It is potential to visit Lomas de Area independently from Santa Cruz. You’ll be able to organize a taxi for about 200 bolivianos or take one in every of the widespread minibuses from the middle. This costs about 3 bolivianos per individual. Ask the hostel for extra info on where to get.

The trail to the sheltered area is sort of unattainable to drive by automotive until you’ve got 4 × four. Subsequently, self-visiting tourists must trust the 7 km walk from the entrance to the dunes. Entrance payment is 10 Boliviano for adults and 5 Boliviano for youngsters.

Whereas tours to Lomas de Area are costlier methods to see the area, take a look at the information for a large variety of advantages. To begin with, passengers can avoid lengthy journeys to dunes, which give little sight and warmth.

Sandblasting is included in most journey costs and means your system is shipped to your website. The world is very large, so in order to seek out the greatest views, it’s a must to be able to search for hours or go with someone who is aware of the look nicely.

  Lomas de Arena branch and sand dunes   Lomas de Arena branch and sand dunes Mountaineering presents little shade, so be sure to have a solar cream!

Although loads of wildlife call this area house, they are good for hiding individuals. A educated eye will assist you see rather more than you possibly can see.

Our adventure begins …

We had a driver in the morning and Nick who can be our guide. Once we headed in the direction of Lomas de Area, we stopped at Palmasola Prison when Nick defined some of its historical past. Bolivian prisons work very in another way than their European counterparts, and learning about the authorized course of in this nation was fascinating but sad.

Some passionate insights into the jail's previous continued along the strategy to Lomas de Area. We paid the entrance fees to the protected area and continued on a hilly path in the direction of the sand dunes. It was a bumpy trip, so I used to be very grateful that we have been traveling in four × four!

  View of the green route through the car window   View of the green path through the car window Both Nick and the driver identified

Sloth Recognizing

Nick announced that the first part of the tour can be used to seek out slopes in nearby forests. We arrived at a small river and passed by way of the water to get to the edge. Nick identified what forms of timber the skates are more likely to reside in, and all of us stored our eyes peeled as we walked. Though these sections have commonly noticed blocks, we didn't see something right here. As with all zoos outdoors zoos, nothing is assured, so visitors will not be advised to get their hopes too much!

Walking was not a waste. We saw many kinds of birds that Nick was capable of give us a lot of data. They have been all colourful and had very distinctive calls. After a brief stroll we went back to the automotive to proceed on the dunes.

Nick continued to hold fascinating wild animals throughout the journey. We had just given up on the sloth when out of the blue the driver stopped and Nick pointed out the window. Just in front, at the prime of a close by tree, was a sloth. He was chilly, utterly uninteresting about our presence. It was a lovely second and we all stood by gazing one among the most lovely creatures of nature.

  Sloth at Lomas de Arena   At the Sloth Lomas de Arena We have been fortunate to see nature because wildlife recognizing isn’t guaranteed

. × four, all confused about seeing nature in nature. After ten minutes we arrived at the sand dunes. It was superb how shortly the panorama changed!

Scenic Hike

Nick once once more reminded us of the use of sunscreen products and we’re prepared to begin our trek. The quantity of water in the protected area varies throughout the yr resulting from climate and climate. Throughout our go to, there have been small lagoons. The one method to cross them was by foot. I had worn pants, but fortuitously I might pull these as much as keep away from being too moist.

  The girl walks through the water at Lomas de Arena   The girl walks through the water at Lomas de Arena There was a lot of water however we managed to keep away from being too moist!

We left our driver in the automotive after which Nick, Tim and I began walking. As quickly as we crossed the first sand dune, they have been all we might see, right as much as the horizon line. It was really superb that we have been so near Santa Cruz, however I couldn't help however felt like we have been a million miles away.

Once we went by way of the sandy seashore, Nick advised us that there are some snakes in the area which might be dangerous. As a outcome, we take a shut take a look at his footprint when he identified different shifting animals. Despite the proven fact that Lomas de Area has missed a crushed monitor, I couldn't consider how quiet it was. We have been the only visitors!

Mountaineering was straightforward sufficient, but the warmth and the lack of shading made us very drained. We walked for about two hours, discussing more things in Santa Cruz and Bolivia. Finally, Nick introduced that we got here close to the greatest perspective in the entire space. It was brief, however the sand climbed to another dune after which the landscape revealed its actual majesty.

  A girl sitting in a sand dune in a jungle   A girl sitting in a sand dune in a jungle Taking a lovely view of Lomas de Area

Out of the blue the sand dunes stopped and crammed in a dense jungle. It seemed special, seeing these two totally different terrains so shut to one another, but the great thing about the place was not disputed. We appeared round and tried to detect monkeys who often play in the timber.

Sadly, this landscape is changing rapidly and agriculture is destroying extra forests each day. It was a actually peaceable place, but I'm afraid I won’t be in the coming years. I used to be so glad that I had the alternative to visit this unimaginable place. Nick explained that this was the purpose why the journey was not very windy. We furiously walked again, holding his head low and sporting sun shades.


Thankfully, the power of the wind eased and at the time we had returned it to the automotive, issues had settled a lot. We drove a brief distance before we jumped out of four × four to get the sandboards.

  Man's Sandboarding at Lomas de Arena   Man's Sandboarding at Lomas de Arena We had a nice time for sandboarding, regardless that the know-how needed work!

We transported the sandboards and we combined the dune. Nick confirmed the traditional sand installation amenities, Superman, sitting and eventually standing. We had a lot of fun making an attempt to sand the board regardless that each Tim and I have been fairly dangerous. After a few runs, we started to feel uninterested in the morning hike in the sun and packed, ready to return to Santa Cruz.

Reflections on the Gringo Step

The trip to Lomas de Area with Nick was great. The tour provided far more than we anticipated, and we have been even fortunate to discover nature in nature! All morning, Nick was professional and helped us get the most out of our journey, reminding us of wildlife and protecting us protected from the snowy desert snakes!

All Nick's adventures have a big ecological focus and the Company does a lot of conservation work to protect the unimaginable surroundings of Bolivia and its wildlife. While many businesses claim to be responsible in this regard, we saw it for the first time with Nick, who collected litters throughout our hike.

Our driver was additionally very skilled and we knew very properly about the chaos of Bolivian roads with him! Although each Tim and I have been horrible in sandboarding, we had a good snigger by enjoying on the dunes. Certainly, Santa Cruz has more to offer than individuals assume, and I feel that is a essential journey, not only in case you are in the city, but in addition in case you are in Bolivia.

  A man and a woman are passing through the sand dunes   A man and a woman are walking through sand dunes There isn’t a means we might have discovered the greatest views without a tour of Nick's adventures!

Extremely Editable Trip! 19659004] This tour is definitely customizable to your liking and combines mountaineering, sand and animal dropping. Because Tim and I are enthusiastic hikers, we chose a longer hike with much less sand. This allowed us to realize the most spectacular perspective of Lomas de Area & # 39;

These trips take about 4 hours and could be arranged both in the morning or in the afternoon (though afternoon is really helpful as a result of the climate is cheaper). Consists of transportation, admission charge, consuming water, English-language guide and sandboard rental.

  Two people passing through the sand dunes   Two people crossing sand dunes The Lomas de Area amusement park has three,000 hectares of sand dunes


  • Snug garments by means of water are really helpful for fast drying shorts. ]

  Sand Dunes at Lomas de Arena   Sand Dunes Lomas de Arena The unusual scenery of the Lomas de Area sand dunes

Feeling earlier than departure

  • isn’t guaranteed to anyone in Nick's adventures. None of the animals are in captivity, which signifies that all the findings happen in nature. Because of this nature, animals and their whereabouts might be troublesome to foretell.
  • Journey prices are cheaper, the bigger the group. If you want to get monetary savings, try to gather a group of buddies from the hostel and organize the trip together.
  • The Lomas de Area tour is postponed and re-scheduled if it's too windy. It’s because the wind creates a very disagreeable expertise, and the passengers are struggling to take pleasure in their full potential. com, a journey blog designed to point out that even the most ineffective of us can travel. Comply with Sheree's # # adventures when she goes around the world, drops to squat bogs, gets in with machete males and goes out of indignant peacocks.

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