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2 days in Athens: the perfect trip for your first visit

Athens Route Plan and Travel Guide

When there are two days in Athens, get to know the historic Greek and Roman ruins, take pleasure in the rooftop restaurant, go shopping, get a history lesson in one among several world class museums and

Akropolis, Acropolis Museum, Historic Agora and the Olympia-Zeus Temple pulls giant crowds. The last thing you need to do is spend priceless time ready for the line. On this itinerary we share our recommendations on the right way to bypass the rows of the flag and keep away from the crowds so you will get the greatest expertise.

Day 1

Coronary heart of Athens

The first day is concentrated on the Acropolis, historic Greek and Roman sites which are over 2000 years previous. You can even visit the Acropolis Museum, do some buying and luxuriate in the view from one or two rooftop restaurants and bars. At the end of the day you’ve gotten the opportunity to visit the Acropolis.

This can be a great strolling day. You possibly can walk 5 kilometers, there isn’t a number of visits to museums, historic websites, and so on. Inside.

Utilizing this Map: Click on the tab in the higher left nook of the map to see the layers (factors of interest and walking route). Click the checkboxes to hide or present layers. In case you click on on the map icons, you’ll find out more about all the points of interest.

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Acropolis Museum

The Acropolis Museum is an archaeological museum with objects discovered in the Acropolis and the surrounding slopes. This can be a good place to visit earlier than you stroll to the Acropolis, as you study behind the temples and shrines of the Parthenon, Erechtheion and other Acropolis.

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The museum opens at 8am and tickets value 10 euros in the summer time months (April to October). For those who come here during the opening hours or close to the opening hours, the strains ought to be brief so I don't assume the tickets ought to be purchased in advance. Nevertheless, in the event you assume you’ll arrive at 9am or later, buy your ticket online in advance to avoid waiting for a ticket.

The visit to the Acropolis Museum takes 1-2 hours.


Kerameikos is an area in Athens that served as a potter and an historic cemetery. It’s also certainly one of the least visited sites with a combined ticket, so that is one among the greatest places to buy a mixed ticket.

We used about 30 minutes walking among excavations.

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Combination ticket. With € 30 you should purchase a mixture ticket which you can get to the Acropolis, Kerameikos, Historic Agora, Roman Agora, Hadrian Library, Olympia-Zeus Temple, and Aristotle's Lyceum.

For those who plan to visit the Acropolis and two extra sites, the ticket can pay for itself. It prices € 20 in summer time for entry to the Acropolis. Only $ 10 provides you entry to 6 different sites.

The actual bonus is which you could override the ticket line on every of these sites (besides the first website where you buy the ticket) through the use of the mixture ticket. This will literally save you up to an hour in the Acropolis and 10-20 minutes on each further website.

You should purchase your combination ticket on the first website you visit or purchase it on-line in advance. The ticket is legitimate for 5 days

Observe: If Kerameikos appears boring, skip it. Truthfully, from all the historic websites we visited, Kerameikos was the least fascinating. You will in all probability have to wait for one among the following sites to mention buying a mixture payment, but it’s nonetheless quicker than Kerameikos exploring, even in just some minutes.

Entry here from Acropolis Museum: Get right here by subway. Get to the metro station Acropolis, subsequent to the Acropolis Museum. Thissio station is closest to Kerameikos (5 minutes walk from Kerameikos), but trains have to be modified twice. Kerameikos station is a bit of further (eight minutes walk to Kerameikos), but it might be quicker because you solely want to vary trains once (in Syntagma).

Pro Travel Tip: Earlier than Athens, I installed the Athens Sbwy app on the iPhone. This can be a free but very primary map of the Athens metro system. It’s convenient when you plan to make use of the metro rather a lot, particularly for those who plan to take the subway also to the airport or the port of Piraeus.

More historic greek and roman places

Close to Kerameikos there are three most necessary locations to visit: the historic Agora, the Roman Agora and the Hadrian Library. All three of these websites are on a mixture ticket

Relying on how briskly you progress, you might need to take a break earlier than or throughout these three websites. They are all close to each other, with a lunch restaurant.

For lunch, we advocate A to Athens, a spectacular roof restaurant in Athens. The views of Monastiraki Sq., the historic Agora and the Acropolis are superb and positively certainly one of the greatest views of the metropolis. The restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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Historic Agora

For five years this space was used as a marketplace, a meeting place and a residential space. The underside of this massive space is filled with ruins of buildings and walkways.

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The Temple of Hephaestus in Historic Agora, one among the greatest preserved Greek temples. It was constructed in the fifth century BC To honor the god of fireside, metalworking and craftsmanship God Hephaestus

The Hadrian Library

Subsequent, a walk to the Hadrian Library was built by the Emperor Hadrian. It is constructed on a roll of paper buildings.

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Roman Agora

The Roman Agora is just a brief distance from the Hadrian Library. This market and constructing collection was built in the first century BC by Julius and Augustus Caesar. The primary entrance is thru the Athena gate. Wind Tower is the world's first meteorological middle with a sundial, a clock and a windshield

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Spend early in the afternoon on the streets of Plaka Certainly one of the greatest places in Athens for buying. This area extends from the Acropolis to Syntagma Sq..

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Ermou Road is a pedestrian road with well-liked shops corresponding to H&M, Sephora and Mango. Older and more fascinating streets are situated nearer to the Acropolis. Anaphiotics is an enthralling, older a part of Plaka's slender, photogenic streets and outlets.

Once you're here, don't miss the Panagia Kapnikarea Church, certainly one of Athens' oldest churches.

hungry, it’s just a brief stroll from our favorite Athens restaurant in Chakra. This small place presents pizza and quail, delicious Greek-style pizza. Every little pizza costs lower than € 5, in order that they make an enormous snack or low cost meal

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Syntagma Sq. and Memorial to the Unknown Soldier [19659006ShackingSighthillSyntagmaSquareConservatoryLocatedonSyntagmaSquareneartheHellenicParliamentBuildingitisanunknownsolderingmonumentThisisawarmemorialdedicatedtoGreeksoldierswhodiedinthewarEveryhourtheguardchangesandthemostsophisticateddisplaytakesplaceonSundayat11amwhenagroupofsoldiersmarchedtothegrave

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While watching the watchman's watch is fascinating, I don't assume it's time to wait for it, especially if you must wait 30 minutes or longer.

Non-compulsory: Panathenaic Stadium

If the power is low, you may give the next web page to the passport, but we thought it was fascinating.

The roots of the Panathenaic Stadium are 330 BC In 144 AD Herodes Atticus reconstructs it in marble

In 1896, it hosted the opening and ultimate ceremonies of the first trendy Olympics. Then it was used in 2004 as the Olympic website. This is also the final Olympic change before it leaves Athens for the host country.

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on the monitor, click on on the picture on the podium and marvel how a lot historical past has occurred on this stadium.

Worth: € 5

Here: From the grave of an unknown soldier, you get right here walking via the nationwide garden. It’s a 1 km stroll and takes about 15 minutes

Olympia-Zeus Temple

This is the last stop of the day. The temple of the Zeus Olympia was constructed to honor Zeus and was meant to be the largest temple in the historic world. Nevertheless, development was not completed until the 2nd century. It wasn't long after its completion, a barbaric assault. Now, 15 unique columns are still in place

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This temple is included in the combination ticket. From right here you possibly can reach a 10-minute stroll from the Panathenaic Stadium and the tomb of an unknown soldier

Sundown views of the Acropolis

The day ends with a sunset view of the Acropolis.

The Athens Gate Lodge is a rooftop restaurant providing 360 degree views of the area. You’ll be able to take pleasure in dinner right here or simply go for a drink and a view. We had dinner here and we thought that the food was mediocre in phrases of worth, so if we did it again, we might simply go for drinks and appetizers, take pleasure in the view and get dinner elsewhere (Indian Haveli, situated nearby, get a good estimate of Trip

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Athens Gate Lodge is situated across the road from the Temple of Olympian Zeus

One other very prestigious roof in the Grande Bretagne lodge. gateway lodge, however this can be a finer expertise as a result of it is a 5 star lodge.

Optionally available: Acropolis

You’ve gotten the alternative to skip the sunset dinner and watch its place N Sunset Acropolis. The Acropolis is open from 1st to 31st April. October until 20:00 (final admission at 19:30). The final hour of the day is the least filled with time to visit the Acropolis

Most individuals visit the Acropolis within 1-2 hours. Plan to arrive by 6 or 18:30 to allow yourself enough time to visit the Acropolis, Parthenon and the slopes.

In case you're coming from the Olympic Temple, use a branch (Acropolis SE Gate) to get to the Acropolis. It’s situated near the Acropolis Museum and is often much much less full than the essential entrance close to Propylene. Because you’ve a mixture ticket, you’ll be able to skip the flagline if it's overdue

2. Day

Acropolis, Athens Greatest Views and Selection Museum


In the event you did not visit the Acropolis last night time, spend this morning on the Acropolis

The term "Acropolis" refers to a fortified hill. There are a selection of essential gadgets to take a seat on and around this hill. Parthenon is the greatest recognized, but there’s also the Athena Nike Temple, the Erechtheion, the Herod Atticus ode and the Dionysos Theater.

Most of those websites are situated on the limestone plateau, but many locations are on the slopes, on the southern slope of the Acropolis.

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 Acropolis and Scaffolding "Width =" 1300 "=" 867

 Acropolis Slopes "width =" 1300 "height =" 867

The Acropolis opens at 8am and I like to recommend getting here at 8am, even if you already have a ticket. The Acropolis begins to develop into very busy at 8:30 am when major tour groups arrive between 9:00 and 10:00. If you want to keep away from the worst crowds, you must roll away from bed early.

I recommend the entrance via the Acropolis SE Gate. There is a convenient metro station (Acropoli) nearby.

As you progress to Propylae, you go to the Dionysis Theater and the Herod Atticus odeon. Then take the rest to the Acropolis

Areopagus Hill

Exit the Acropolis essential gate after which just a brief walk from the Areopagus Hill. Additionally Recognized As Mars Hill, From Here You Get One Of The Most Iconic Views Of The Acropolis

 Mars Hill "width =" 1300 "height =" 867

Philopappos Park . From the perspective of Philopappos Monument, you will have an exquisite view of the Acropolis, the Herde Atticus Odeon and the southern slopes.

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We found one other perspective with a slightly totally different view of the Philopappos Park.

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Sin Athina is a superb restaurant that guesses what the rooftop overlooks the Acropolis. Lunch right here or in considered one of a number of other close by eating places before shifting on.

Two Afternoons

Depending on your pursuits, there are two totally different choices for spending the afternoon.

Choice # 1: Archaeological Museum and Psyrri

Nationwide Archaeological Museum

This museum is the largest archaeological museum in Greece with one in every of the largest collections of historic Greek objects

 Archaeological Museum "width =" 1300 " height = "867

Worth: € 10 between April 1 and October 31; 5.11. – 31.3.
Hours: April 13 – October 31: Tuesday 12:30 – 18:00; Wednesday from eight:00 to 18:00; lowered hours from 1 November to 12 April
Web site: Get updated and priced on the official web site

From here: The closest metro stations are Omonia and Victoria stations. Both are on the M1 line, the similar strains as this one. We took the metro to Omonia Station and then it was a 10-minute walk from the museum.

Pro Travel Tip: In case you plan to visit the Greek islands and used Ferry Hopper to ebook tickets, you possibly can visit Ferry Hopper's office at Omonia Station, strolling to the museum. Taking a ticket from the Athens workplace is far quicker than ready in line to select them up in the harbor.

Varvakeiosi's Average Market

The National Archaeological Museum is a 10-minute stroll from the roughly rough neighborhood to get to Varvakeios Central Market. Selling in this energetic market is meat, fruit and greens, spices, seafood and far more.

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Proceed in the funky, eclectic Psyrr region. Full of excellent restaurants, unique bars, vigorous nightlife and small boutiques, this can be a very cool place to go for dinner and drinks. Stroll by way of the road maze, taste the wine in the Cinque Wine & Deli Bar or have dinner in the Lithos Tavern, a comfortable restaurant serving traditional Greek and Mediterranean delicacies.

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Choice # 2: The Benaki Museum and the Lycabettus Mountain

The Benaki Museum

The Benaki Museum has Greek artistic endeavors from prehistory to trendy occasions and large Asian Benaki Family Donated His Home and His Nice Works of Art and Objects to Greece

Visit the official website for hours and entrance fees

From right here: Take the subway from this area to Syntagma by going to M3 Monastirak

Mountain Lycabettus

Stroll or take the Lycabettus cable automotive to the prime of the Lycabettus Mountain with an excellent view of Athens and the Acropolis. 791 “/>

Here is a cable automotive going uphill from the Benaki Museum, or you might wish thing to stroll all over the place on prime of a paved route that modifications its means up the hill.

The day ends with dinner and drinks

Passing Athens

On this route, you’ll be able to attain the metro twice. Depending on the location of the lodge chances are you’ll use the subway more.

You should purchase individual metro tickets for each trip (a good idea for those who plan to make use of the subway solely twice, as on this route). You can too purchase a paper ticket that’s good along the five routes by subway (a good idea in case you are staying outdoors the metropolis middle and you will use the subway metropolis)

vacationer ticket, but this is more than you want for this Athens itinerary. Nevertheless, if in case you have an additional day in Athens, there could be cash.

Click on here for an evidence of all the choices.

Think about installing the Athens subway app on your smartphone. I used the Athens Sbwy software, which is a free however very primary map of the Athens metro system.

The place to Stay

We now have a whole article about where to remain in Athens. Whether you’re a lodge room overlooking the Acropolis, a lodge with a rooftop pool, or a finances lodge that receives rave evaluations, we have now many choices for you.

The place to stay in Athens: The most effective resorts Finances

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